Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Miss Me?

After a few emails (and even a text!) from concerned bloggers, I thought it was time to update. I blame facebook and findafuck. They're killing my blog!

My social life has exploded. I went out for lunch on Saturday with the girls, and ended up back home by lunch on Sunday. I am now a proud aunt of two gorgeous chihuahua/mini foxie puppies and a small child. The puppies and the child belong to different girls.

I'm getting shagged. Still looking for just one person to make me scream on a more frequent basis. Green Eyes has not volonteered.

I picked up some quickie condoms from the supermarket. They're called quickie condoms because they go on quick. Note to self: read instructions before reaching crucial moment. It defeats the purpose to sit astride a guy trying to figure out how to use the fucking things.

I was supposed to meet a couple (m&f) from findafuck last weekend. I got stood up, thought they had a very good reason. Maybe in a few weeks...

I have had a few job interviews in the last week. Two last week for one job and one today for another. Keep your fingers crossed y'all.

Saw 27 Dresses last night. James Marsden is Teh Hotness!

My apartment is clean.

There has been another attempt to hack into my hotmail account. They failed.

Tonight I aim to update this blog, work on my kick ass smut post, respond to comments from all posts this year (all four of them!), and visit everyobdy to let them know I'm alive.

Also I'll eat some home made pizza. YUM!

All of this is without adding dancing to the mix either. When dancing does go back something will have to give. I think it will be findafuck, but blogging is guaranteed to slide, if not disappear altogether.


Cazzie!!! said...

Home made pizza is the best :)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

What? We don't like (but understand) the slide on the blogging...but disappear altogether??? Nooooo!

And YEA!!!! A smut post....I LOVE those!

poody said...

for sure keep on dancing girly!

sahil said...

you are the best :)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I hate condoms. They stink, they spoil the moment and they cut off your blood supply.

Certainly ones designed for people in states of intoxication seem like a good idea.

You can't let blogging slide. Tut tut.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh Phish...I know how you feel babes. Something has to give...I am playing guitar, doing artwork, poetry and writing a crappy novel (lots of time) that is kicking my arse and keeping my betas plenty busy. I'm working a full time job and being a mommy. I am teaching dancing and a little bit of the guitar to a genious child (my niece) she is so like her fave Oh and I won't go into my sex life..I'm not lettimg that Hell NAWH! :)

If you go, I will miss you cause you ROCK I will so miss your RACK...promise me you will not leave without a post pic of the girls before you decide to go...cause me a perv. :P

Josh said...

It's alive!

Get those dancing shoes on and bring on the smut.

unique_stephen said...

so, your into threesomes, hmmmmmmmmm

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm glad to read things are going well. Enjoy the new mammals.

Keshi said...

ofcourse I missed ya!

ur into 3soms? OOH LALA! :)

dun go anywhere now!


Rups said...

Try juggling Second Life as well!

xox Rups

Ms Smack said...

Jayus, I've just come from Bottle Blonde and she's posted her final post! Now you're talking about giving it up too?

What is the blogging world coming to?

Easy to get caught up in real life? Tastes nicer too, eh?


Moi said...

Glad you are back to regular blogging!

Now, if only I could stop downloading viruses on to my work computer and therefore prevent the IT lady hating me, I would update more regularly too...

And I'm well impressed with your success with findafuck! Are you ever going to reveal the true name of this website??

MissE said...

Mmmmm - home-made pizza. YUM!

I took my Mum to see 27 Dresses last week - loved it! Some of those dresses are too horrific for words though. And you're absolutely right - James Marsden is GORGEOUS.

Yay for the social life explosion! That's wonderful news. Fingers crossed for that one person turning up soon.

And "slide" I can accept ... but disappear? Awwwwww BOOOOOO!
Not you and BottleBlonde... next thing Betty will decamp for real life and then where will I be?

Anonymous said...

misse, I will never leave you possum. and Phish won't either, she's just trickin.

aren't you phishez? say you are!!

electro-kevin said...

Find-a-fuck sounds ... er ... great.

But what would I know. I'm kinda 'perfect all over' but 'too old'

Harrumph !


Look after you now, P.

Joshua said...

Well I'm glad things are workin out for you. =)

Josh said...

If given the choice, choose real life over cyber life. Not everything is better online. :P