Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A few months back I met a blogger. Not an online meet where we read each others diaries. A real meet up, where we got to see and smell and touch each other. Ok. So we didn’t touch each other the first time, but we do now. And not in that way.

Anyhoo, the first time we met I told him which approximate area I lived in. You know, you don’t want to tell them too much in case they turn out to be type of person who makes you glad you don’t have pet bunnies. And he told me that he had friends who lived in a penthouse apartment on my street. I laughed and said something along the lines of ‘it wouldn’t be my apartment block, it’s too small.’

Recently we met up again for dinner, coffee and a movie. After a nice dinner and a chat about his penis over coffee, we went to see Iron Man. Fantastic movie. Some serious hotness right there, with a sense of humour too. Noice. But it was quite a long movie and by the time it got out it was a tad late to be walking the streets by myself. So I begged a lift home. And as I directed him the the Xth building on the right in my street he laughed. Turns out that yes, his friend does live the floor up from me, in my tiny apartment block.

I so could add a cliche right here.

  1. Who is it?!

  2. I loved Iron Man. I want me an RDJ!
  3. I haven’t seen Iron man yet. I must be the only one left. Even my mommy has seen that movie.
  4. Okay so it’s a coincidence that you live in the same building as his friends… Whatever. More importantly, whats he like in the sack and describe, in detail please, his cock!

    Oh God, I think I might be in a shit stirring mood, too bad for my co-workers hee hee. Anyway enough about me… Make with the sexing stories. Um, Please.

  5. Yeah, do tell! I want to know how good the sexin was too.

    How funny would it be to bump into his friends when you were with him? Small world eh?

  6. Small world indeed!

    Although, I don’t require any of the “extra” details. Your commenters are crackers!

  7. I wanna know detail too. Does he have nice teeth?
  8. Teeth are almost as important as a nice cock.
  9. So who is this mystery blogger?
  10. OHHHHHHHHH, I just love things like this… meant to be and all that rot! Can’t wait to hear more!
  11. Size / niceness is once again relative! :)
  12. Jacob - I never kiss and tell!

    Bunny - I think there’s enough RDJ to go around.

    Joshua - it was quite a good movie. Bet you’ve seen it by now though. I’m so slack with comments :P

    Kez - I have actually seen his cock before this. Twcie in fact.

    Josh - some things are best left up to the imagination.

    AMC - yeah, too much detail can just ruin the story sometimes.

    Fanny - his teeth would even satisfy you!

    Smack - Last I heard you did appreciate his cock.

    MissD - I never kiss and tell.

    Prof - I could just imagine if he visited those friends before we met, and if we bumped into each other in the elevator.

    Josh - It’s always relative!

  13. LoL…In fact I have seen it by now! Well I think it was last week. But I’ve been slacking too so it’s ok. :)

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