Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving on

Ok. I’m not wallowing any more. I was intending to put up another post but I didn’t get around to it. I have no excuse. I’ve been slack.

So moving away from wallowing…

Where I’m working now we’ve got some sheep. We had some sheep in to check on. We only needed one but we had to have two, cuz you can’t leave them alone. They get stressed if they’re by themselves. So some other guys were checking the sheep in question, and its friend was left alone for a few hours. And it called. And called. And called.

It sounded very much like the drunk guy that you see outside the nightclub at 3 am. You know, the one that is so drunk he has been ejected from the club, and is sitting sprawled against a wall, possibly with a little vomit smeared down his front. He’s so drunk he can’t even talk. All he can do is make some kind of growling, choking, zombie sound. Well that was what this sheep sounded like. And after ever ‘baa’ (for want of a better onomotopia) I kept waiting for the following words…

‘ya gots noice tits!’

The bane of my existance. Waiting for a lonely sheep to tell me the obvious.

5 comments to “Moving on”

  1. Sometimes my cat makes the most god-awful yowling that sounds like it’s come from within the deepest parts of his stomach. It scares the shit out of me every time he does it because it sounds like he’s dying. It’s taken us about a year to work out that it means he’s bored and wants to play.

    Chin up about the crapness you’ve recently been dealt. xx

  2. HAHAHAHAH. Jolly good laugh just then. Fabulous post chickie.
  3. I’d be terribly excited if a sheep told me I had noice tits, then again if a drunk guy outside a club with vomit on his shirt said the same thing, I’d probably be just as happy!
  4. Life is too short to wallow so get on with it and then get happy. I am sorry about the whole job demotion but sounds like my situation where in the long run it is a good move. You do know that the best job in the world ain’t nothin’ but work and that my friend is a 4 letter word for sure!
  5. He was just wanting to get flocked up. :)

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