Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Day to Wallow

I’m so fucking sick of this stage of my life right now. Right now everything is stuck, and shitty. I’m tired and bored and frustrated. I know the future is really looking forward, but right now I’m in several places as low as I can go.

Work sucks. The demotion is really getting to me. I’m beginning to really get pissed off at the big boss who shafted me down there. I requested HR get involved back in December. And my supervisor went to him the same day and requested they didn’t get involved. The new position itself is ok. More hands on animal work and out in the sun all day. No work politics. And I do get along well with my new supervisor. But a demotion is still a demotion.

I am no longer seeing Overflow. After 3 months he has become too busy to get laid. I asked him how long it would be for and he didn’t know. His words were ‘thats the essence of something casual… it can stop as easy as it starts…’ WTF!!! I thought of this guy as a friend. I spent the las three months developing a friendship with this guy. That may start easily, but it sure as hell doesn’t end easily. I don’t really give a damn about the sex ending. I can always get that somewhere else. But ending a friendship because there is no more sex to hold it up, that’s enough to make you develop instant tourettes!

Fucking cunts, the lot of them.

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  1. I thought you got a new job in a better place? I’m confused…
  2. WTF with the supervisor advising HR to not do their job!?
    Is the new job with these bastards or are you hip hopping it outta there completely?

    Grrr Phish.. hate the days when you feel like the world is kicking you.

  3. I’m with Princess, ‘tasm… wasn’t there a new job in a better place?

    That said - Supervisor sounds like a total dick and why the fuck would HR not look into it if only to see why they’re getting two conflicting requests?

    As to Overflow - WTF?! That is totally shit. I hope that this bone-head move on his part builds up as seriously negative karma for him and gets collected on REALLY soon.

    Hoping that things are looking up soon!

  4. Ok. The new job is in a better place, but doesn’t start until July. So until that stage the demotion is still in effect.
  5. It’s not that long.
    And stop poking your friends; very few people really have the stomach for fucking their friends and surviving the ordeal…

    Well, suck it up till July, Phishy.

  6. Hang in there, ‘Tasm. As for guys, move on quickly. It’s the only way to survive.
  7. How can someone be so flippant about something that’s gone on for three months? Is he a robot?

    Hope things get better soon.

  8. I’m sorry to read this babe. Yuc Yuc Yuc. On both counts.
  9. At least your on to better and brighter things though.

    And Overflow clearly wasn’t worth your while.

  10. Aw hell I’m sorry to read about this. Mongrels on both sides eh?

    Time to envision where you want to go and work backwards on steps on how to get there, mate.

    Overflow turned into a tosser. Bastard.

    *hug* You’re not alone honey. They’re everywhere.

  11. Dang lady. It always sucks when you’re just waiting for things to get better.

    hope it gets better soon

  12. Aw B, I’m sorry. The bad thing about karma is that it takes a while to kick in, but by gosh by golly it will. Hard.
  13. what an ‘a’ hole — fuck him

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