Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I beleive the correct term is actually ‘SNAP MOTHERFUCKER!!!’ Excuse the language, but it is oh-so-sweet and very well earned.

Straight of the back of yesterday (no I’m not linking, scroll down and read it you lazy git) I got myself a new job! Much better pay (MUCH MUCH better), state of the art facility, fantastic boss, doing more of what I want to be doing.

Two of my references have already said that its the job for me. Green Eyes has already told me he lied for me. They asked if he knew if I had difficulty dealing with any fellow staff members in the past…

I think I owe him chocolates.

12 comments to “Snap!”

  1. I think maybe you do!

    Congratulations! :D

  2. ALRIGHT!!!!!

    I say “Helllllloooooooo Karma!” and chocolates sound very appropriate! :o)

    *MissE does happy dance for the ‘tasm’s wonderful opportunity*

  3. Snap indeed. That’s great news, good onya.
  4. I’m so glad to hear it…

    That’s wonderful, Phish.

  5. oh snap! indeed

    glad you got it. it would seem that in about a month i’m have me a new job too :-)

    good times for all of us.

    aging congrats on the job!

  6. Okay so everyone beat when it came time to holla back SNAP, but no motherfucker has climbed on board with a MOTHERFUCKING HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER!

    Congratulations. Oh and if your going to be sending chocolates, I lied for you too, honest I really really did, just like I am right now! Ha ha

  7. Sweet. I should have read this post first. :) Congrats!
  8. Fuckin A! Awesome sweetie. Stick it to da man!
  9. congrats on the new job!!!!!! go you!!!!!!
  10. Love the grin and the feeling in your guts when you know you are gonna go to a better (paid) place..

    When you outta there Phish??

    Good on you lovey

  11. yay! What a fantastic stroke of luck! :)
  12. WELL DONE! I am so happy for you!

    See, good things come to good girls who blog!

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