Sunday, April 13, 2008


So my holidays are almost over now. I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. But I don’t care either. I know I’ll have to go back eventually. It helps that this is only a 3 day week for me, and it ends with a long weekend and a job interview.

So its kind of a soft intro back to work.

Still, getting up at 6:30 tomorrow is going to suck.

The holidays were pretty damn good. We had a family reunion on the day I got down there. I had arranged lunch with my Aunt the week before hand. And she outdid herself! Everybody was there except for my Mum (who was up country), my Dad (who’s not affiliated with that part of the family any more) and my brother (who had plans already. I got to meet some cousins wives and kids. Funness to be had in general.

I haven’t seen my mum in 18 months. So it was great to catch up with her. The old girl gets paid for 24 hours of the 40 that she works a week. So I gave her a tank of petrol, kicked in for some groceries and took her to lunch. And because we’re addicted to scrabble, we had a game. Which I won. Not that that’s the point for me, I just have a good track record of it on facebook. Her dictionary is crap. So I scoured three bookstores for a scrabble dictionary. Which I left sitting on her table when I left. She got it that night when she finished work.

Back to the city for a few days to see some mates from school and the Matchbox Twenty concert. Which was BRILLIANT. Not as good as Snow Patrol. But so much more chilled out. I was barely aware of my sister sitting next to me. I could have been sitting in the front row or the back row. It didn’t matter. There was just me and the band as far as I was concerned. I grew up with Matchbox Twenty. They have always been my favourite band. So it was one emotional journey for me. High School, uni, making my way in the world and turning into the person I am today. All packed into 2 hours. I have the audio too. Downloaded it (legally, for once) and have been listening to it on repeat for the past few hours. Bliss.

I saw Overflow the day that I got back. Did our thang. In discussion I told him of the job interview happening on Friday in the city. And he said we should go to a certain nightclub after work. And without thinking I said I had to be back because I did have a dentist appointment Friday night. And conversation flowed as usual. I have just one question.

Did Overflow just ask me out?

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  1. I think you got asked out, B… but I could be wrong. Sorry.

    And YAY for good holidays.

    Fingers crossed for the job interview.

  2. To answer your question, it seems that way. Is that a bad thing?

    Rob Thomas is a tasty bit of man candy.

  3. Either that, or he just wants to get you drunk and compliant
  4. The holiday sounds grand and like a good time was had by all! And so cool to spend some quality time with your mum; I’m jealous, but in a good way!

    And yeah, hunny, he sure did ask you out. SO, are you going????

  5. Sounds like your holiday was damn fine and yep, you got asked out lol. Enjoy!
  6. Hope going back to work is not too painful for you!

    I’m glad you got to see ‘your band’…I have a soft spot for Rob Thomas as well, the big spunkie.

  7. Certainly seems that way! :)
  8. My guess is yes, he did…but in a no-risk way for himself.
  9. YES YES YES he most certainly did.

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