Monday, April 21, 2008

Suddenly I get it

Back when I stopped blogging I did tell a few (a very few) people that yes, I would definitely still be blogging. A comment was passed that a friend hoped I still blogged Raw. She liked my raw posts. At the time I felt that was a very strange thing to say. But now I get it.

See, a fellow blogger is going through the emotional wringer for being caught out. Bloggers, being a special breed, get to see what goes on in other bloggers brains. Generally. There are some psycho’s out there that getting into their brain is about as much fun as being in that pit in Saw 3 with the rotting pig carcasses. I digressed.

This blogger clearly does not fall into the above category. She is amazing. And she has just written the most raw post I’ve ever read. It had me in tears at one point.

And now I get the appeal of reading a well written raw post. When I started this blog I thought I’d be a humorous blog. With none of that raw vulnerability. And now I’ve changed my mind.


I have been talking to SR a bit over the last few days. I had intended to shag him again. Basically I want to go exclusive with Overflow. And SR was going to be a bit of fun before it. Yep. Like a fool I rang and texted him. We arranged a meet. For tonight.

I can hear everyone going ‘oh no!’ Right? Maybe even someone calling me a silly cunt? Yeah, I deserve it.

I texted him this morning to see if he was still available. Cuz, you know, we made this plan five days ago and he’s not that reliable. And while I went back to work and was waiting for a response, I realised that I really wasn’t into it. I just didn’t give a shit if he said no. Matter of fact, the more I thought about it, the more angry I got. Why would I do that to myself? For a piece of ass? I’m so much better than that.

Matter of fact, I resolved that if he did respond yes, I’d fake the whole ‘get my period’.

Maybe even straight up call him an asshat and thinking back to what the did to me, he’d be best if he jumped off the top of the Harbour Bridge. I’ll even pay for him to go on the climb. Fuckwit.

6 comments to “Suddenly I get it.”

  1. :D

    Good on you.

  2. OK I realize who you are now. Welcome back. I was wondering what happened back there. Good looking new blog!
  3. good for you girl.
  4. HUzzah!

    *A cheering crowd salutes the ‘tasm!*

    Love you babe! Pay for the climb and the anvil he can carry on the way down… just to give it that WB Coyote look. Of course, that ast bit might just be my brain…

  5. Good for you! Taking names and kickin ass…!
  6. Aw, sweetie. Reliving that stuff is never easy.

    He’ll get his, though. Whilst we’re not around to see it (damnit, nothing I love more than watching an ex get his comeuppance, hi richard), rest assured that he’ll suffer.

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