Friday, February 01, 2008

Phishez and the Overflow.

I met a guy on Monday. I shall call him Overflow. And this is the story of how he got that name.

I met him from findafuck. We'd been chatting via email for a few days when it switched to msn. I asked him if he wanted to meet (cuz I was fucking horny AS!!!) and he suggested late this week. I jumped in and asked what he was doing that night. He may have had plans, I dunno. But he said yes without hesitation.

We arranged to meet for coffee at a restaurant nearby. We met, no problems. We chatted for a bit while they forgot our order. Then we chatted for a bit after we reminded them we had ordered. When our coffees finally arrived they were drunk within about 4 minutes. He paid and we left.

Back to my place and we're still chatting as we get in the elevator. That's normally the point where I jump the guy. But we actually had things to talk about. I checked my roomie was in her bedroom and I snuck him into my room. Where we made out for a bit. I pressed my body up against his and ran my hand down his chest to the bulge in his pants. There doesn't seem to much there, but I persist. He's kissing me too hard, so I pull back and adjust the angle at which our faces meet. I run my hand up and under his shirt, feeling the firm body beneath it. I grab the bottom of his shirt and lift it.

Pulling off his shirt, I comment that his favourite part of the night had arrived. He removes my shirt and eyes my tits hungrily as I start pulling on his belt. He pulls of his belt and I unclasp my bra. Dropping his pants to the floor I push him back to the bed and kiss him hungrily as he falls back. His hand reaches up and caresses my breast with one hand. I pull back and allow him to suck on it. Which he does with fervor!!!

He pulled away and I moved down his body. Kissing and nibbling on the way. When I get to his underpants I tug on them and he removes them for me.

I hate the sight of a flaccid penis. I really do. Flaccid penis are just so wrong looking. Like overcooked boiled chicken necks. But I muster my courage and begin to work at it, and before long I'm looking at one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen. Longer than the average, but not too long. Lovely and thick, without making me cringe from its girth. And the head was just lovely. Smallish, but not really by that much. And HARD!!! Fuck, a cat couldn't scratch that. Not that we tried.

Mmm. It sure as hell felt nice in my mouth too. He seemed to enjoy it. After a while I pulled back and asked if he wanted to eat me.

'Sure,' was his reply, 'hop on!'

So I did. I ate him while he ate me. And fuck it was good. The more excited I got, the harder I sucked. And the harder I sucked, the more he excited me. Finally it came time to do the deed. He reached out for a condom and put it on while I waited. Then he laid down again. Lazy bugger wanted me to do all the work. Which is fine be me actually. So I jumped on, and rode him to within an inch of his life. Fuck he felt sooo good.

Before long he was cumming. I watched his face after he said he was going to cum. His eyes were shut and he had a cum face, but he looked a little scared. And he had that face for AGES. I began to think that was his anticipation face. He was very quiet too. I kept riding, and he slipped out. I dismounted and looked at him, only to see cum on his skin.

Repeat. Cum OUTSIDE the condom, that he was still wearing. My first reaction was to blurt out 'is there a hole in the condom?' It startled him out of his reverie and he glanced down, swearing. He leaped up and grabbed a tissue, wiping the condom down to find the source of the leak. There was none. He had filled it and it was oozing out the bottom.

Hence, the name Overflow.

I was his first in 6 months.


Fanny F said...

So Clancy's back in town, eh?

Mummy B said...

Oh how I love to read your fuck stories phish! Nice to read a good one this time (no stinky dick and quick disposal of the doona the stinky man had defiled).

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing about the boiled chicken's neck metaphor. Oh how I laughed.

This was a very ENTERTAINING post Phish, I really enjoyed it!

Ms Smack said...

Oh i'm with sweet Betty, laughing at the chicken neck metaphor and it's SO accurate. I happen to know this because I have a kilo of chicken necks in my fridge for the cat!

Overflow - 6 months, wow.

Make him work next time!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Great. I'll never look at a flaccid penis the same way again. ;)

I do love your adventures though! ;)

Obesio said...

Wouldn't jerking off take care of the overflow issue? Especially if I were going to meet a findafuck chick, I would rub one out ahead of time, so I would last a decent amount of time.

jali said...

OMG - overflow!

I'm with the others - love the boiled chicken neck image.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Move over Anne Rice. She ain't got shit on you!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung loves your fuck stories.

Joshua said...

6 months!


Moi said...

Seriously woman, hotdamn!

A pay rise with back pay, gratuitous booby photos, randoms trying to hack into your email, crazy hot sex... you have got it going on at the moment!

Snaps to you! ;)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Looking at it, I suppose it does.

Bizarre organs all round anyway.

Seems that Phish is the new Love Goddess in town...

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Never judge a penis by its flaccid state.

Professor said...

Echoing the others- I don't think I'll be eating chicken anytime soon without hysterical laughter... great story!

phishez_rule said...

Fanny - lol. That's my cars name!

Mummy - stinky dick man was just SOOO WRONG!

Betty - I aim to please.

Smack - lol. They do make good pussy food don't they?

Stacy - I love my adventures too!

Obesio - I guess it would. There was discussion (with others) about how it would have been painful to cum that much.

Jali - glad you enjoyed

LBB - man, could you imagine if SHE wrote smut?

OHM - and Phish love OHM!

Josh - that's what I said when I found out!

Moi - yeah, and I still have time to blog... on the weekend.

Ingsoc - I was always a love goddess!

Nick - I tend to reserve judgement til I've got something to play with.

Prof - just make sure you share the love and tell your companions why its so funny!

electro-kevin said...


Perhaps his finale' was inspired his great new partner.

Take care, Phishez.

Memphis Steve said...

Yep, 6 months of nothing will overload a condom for sure. Lucky guy, he found you!

*adelaine said...

wow, ur great!.. maybe you should also do a section with tutorials.. on how to give a good head or woman on top etc.. :)))) hehhehe

*adelaine said...

wow, ur great!.. maybe you should also do a section with tutorials.. on how to give a good head or woman on top etc.. :)))) hehhehe

Steph said...

haaaaaahaha! I love your turn of phrase. From chicken necks to overflow. lol.