Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year

Chinese New Year that is!!!

Went to the parade in Sydney this year.

The Archway, into Tumbalong Park. When the parade started I was standing opposite the entry, so I got some fantastic views and great photos.
The Year of the Rat.

Love this shot!
This is how long one of the dragons was.

This guy posed for the photographer crouching in front of me. Which worked for me. After these two shot he came and stood up close so he could get a shot of the face, but my camera was too slow to catch it.

Random entertainers. Pretty costumes!

Terracotta Warriors

Stilt walkers!I love this costume.

Though this shot made me laugh. Some things are universal I guess.

And then on to the Chinese Gardens, but I can't be arsed with blogger right now to upload the pics.


The Girl That Love Forgot said...

Wow, great pics!!! Looks like a great day.

Princess of the Universe said...

Those are gorgeous photos!!

unique_stephen said...

- it should be the year of the lying rodent

fingers said...

Always nice to see what the poor boatless people do on weekends...

MissE said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, phish. :o)
It looked like so much fun.

And I love the Chinese Garden shots.

Steph said...

Great pics. I've never actually been to the parade before.

Professor said...

Wonderful, just wonderful! Thanks for sharing with me!

jali said...

Beautiful! There's an annual event here in Atlanta to celebrate the New Year, but I can't afford the tickets.

I'd love to be there!

Josh said...

Whoa! The lady in the purple and white tunic is totally flashing "the shocker".