Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year (pt 2)

Shots from the Chinese Gardens.

Map can be seen HERE.

Door Handle.

Jade Carriage.

Over near the cafe... they're like rats with fins!!!

Dragon Wall.

Phoenix Rock.
Cafe from across the water.
Peace Boat Pavillion.

Floor and Roof of the Round Pavillion.

Dragon Rock
Moon Door.

Water Dragon.

The Gurr (clear view pavillion)

Dragon totem (carved with astrological signs.


Stone Bridge

Sleeping Boy Buddah

Statues outside tearoom.


Tyler Durden said...

Happy year of the rat to you too!!! I wonder what the rat year's gonna bring us... Let me Google it and I'll get back with ya..

Professor said...

Happy New Year! You are so lucky to get to have some fun like this! Go you! And thanks for sharing... I just got my mini virtual vacation! You rock!

Josh said...

Love these pictures. Hopefully the year of the rat will bring much happiness.