Saturday, February 23, 2008

True inspiration

I bawled.


Josh said...

Well that makes my sprained ankle look a bit weak.

Time to harden the fuck up after seeing that.

itelli said...

Damn u... Can't stop crying :(

Phishez said...

Josh - you're such a pussy!

Itelli - you're so in touch with your feminine side. And we love you for it.

MissE said...

That is amazing.
Gotta figure that that is his dad, right?

Talk about incredible human beings.

And one of my favourite songs.

Brien said...

Thank you, thank you so much for that.

And thank you for your posts...I have been a lurker who has enjoyed your work immensely. Can only say thank you again. Wow. I sorry I can't say more. Just speechless.

kimba said...

I have read about these guys a bit.. they've done a b'zillion triathlons together - and both agree that they couldn't do it on their own.. imagine having such awesome shared memories with your parent/child. Awesome and inspiring.

Ms Smack said...

Well, I was already bawling before I got here so that just made the gears turn up a notch or two.

Beautiful video. Thanks. x

Tyler Durden said...

That makes me feel like a complete jack ass for complaining about my life. That is amazing.

Steph said...

Awesome find Phishy. My mascara is running!!