Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mish & Mash

Fuck me, I soo have the Menstrual Madness today. But there is one thing that will always perk me up. Money. Fuck off, I already know I'm a shallow bitch.

So I'm fucking grumpy. It has a little to do with the expected arrival of Aunt Flo. But mostly its because I'm shitty at work. I'm currently working for our sister organisation. We still have some work over there, and they are understaffed, so I got sent over to help out. And everybody there whinges about the work they've been left with, which is nobody's fault. And the people who work where I am. I get that they're understaffed, just shut up and fuck off already! So after almost a month, this constant nagging has given me the shits.

Well, not literally. This new diet of mine means I'm trying to push out rocks. Thank fuck I don't actually eat anything, or I'd be trying to push out boulders!!!

So I wander to work today. There are alot of freaks in my work area. A LOT! Coming out of the train station I had to giggle. There was this 'lady' standing on the corner, wearing knee high boots, big hair, and a leopard print cropped jacket. And she's talking to a guy in a silk shirt and black pants. Walking past them I notice the pattern on his shirt. Small quarter moons and stars. It looks like dude is wearing a freaking pyjama shirt! For all the world, they don't have that air about them, but they sure as fuck look like a pro and her pimp, her pimp in a pyjama shirt.

A little further up the road I spy with my little eye, someone who looks like a bag lady, wearing a top hat (sleek and tall), with a bright red feather boa wrapped around it! See, everybody is a cup fasionista these days!

I had put some money on last night. Now, I don't know anything about the races. I should, but I don't. I am fully prepared to put money on, but not get any back. Its just for the fun of it. My budget this year was $20, plus sweep money. Got myself a mystery bet, and ended up with the favourites. I played a bit of email ping pong, trying to get in on the work sweep, but to no avail. I wasn't there when they were doing the sweeping, so I couldn't do it. I managed to get in on a departmental sweep at morning tea.

As for the race itself, I decided to leave the place I was working and go 'home' for it. I hit the door 5 minutes before the race started. Refreshments were out (which I avoided), and they had mini sausage rolls (which smelt better than sex). There were 3 horses left in a sweep. I put my money in, and dragged out some ponies.

It was a truly awesome race to watch.

So Viewed won. A beautiful win it was too. Sooo close. It turns out that the last pony I pulled out of the sweep was... Viewed! Huzzah! And I got all of my gambling money back, plus $5. Which is great.

And I left there on such a high. Partly cuz the nameless hottie was looking at me. Shaddup. I'm going to do something about it, as soon as I go back to working where I belong.

And then I almost got hit by a taxi going home. Stupid fucker.


Memphis Steve said...

Congrats on winning some money on the horsies! And congrats on the office hottie looking at you, too! That always makes you feel good. Taxi drivers I think must be crazy the world over.

Kezza said...

I'm glad you took my expert advice on the nags (oh wait, I didn't offer any did I?) Do you miss having a public holiday for it? Don't I ended up sunburnt and stayed up way too late. Work. Sucks. Arse. Today.

Don't go spending your fiver all at once now you hear!

Epskee said...

My horse came last. L.A.S.T. Bastard.

Ben said...

Apparently QLD'ers spent 27 million on bets yesterday. If any of those fuckers complain about the economy I'll punch them right in the the flaps.

I boycotted the race - it's just a horses people.

fingers said...

I won some good cash on The Cup, but by then I was so off my face on coke, I stupidly put the lot on 'Snort' in race 9...but it had trouble finding the line...

Lad Litter said...

Yay for the winners! Well done Phish. I pulled Viewed in a sweep that paid $250 and picked up $39 on a $5 each way on C'est La Guerre. How long has this horse racing caper been going on? Doesn't seem too complicated.

Cazzie!!! said...

Perk up Phishez.... you are awesome...just say damn it, and keep on going... you will be alright.
Yes the gee gee race was awesome, but then I heart horses!!!

muse said...

Winning is good, losing is bad. I'm into the racetrack's pockets pretty deep.