Sunday, November 02, 2008

2days gone.

This weekend has been pretty eventful. Friday was a mate's 21st. And he had a party. Not too much really, but it was fun. I rocked up approximating on time (read:an hour late) and proceeded to meet people.

The party itself was fun. I didn't drink. I drove, and I used that as an excuse. I didn't want to drink because alcohol is the anti diet. At dinner I refused the pasta and potato bakes (which I LOVE), and had a roast meat roll with gravy (heaven) and salad. And then proceeded to snack on m&m's and penuts for the rest of the night. D'oh!

There was karaoke. Which was fun. Especially fun was watching my highly drunk boss get up and scream Sweet Child of Mine. Which I recorded. It was painful!

About an hour later the police showed up. There had been reports of a brawl. The neighbours heard my boss, and reported a freaking brawl! Yes, she was that bad!

I wandered out the front, where there were a group of people hiding, yes hiding behind the gate. Like they were all doing something wrong. One guy even had his drink hidden behind his back. Like the police could even see a glass bottle in the dark, behind a fence, in a mob of people. The guy was asking if it was ok for him to have his drink out there (in the back yard). I looked at him and asked if he was over 18. He gave me some smart arsed response along the lines of, 'Do I look like I'm under 18?' At which point I pointed out that he was overaged, at a private party. He's allowed to drink. He pondered this for a second, then held his drink in front of him.

Anyhoo, after the police turned up, all the youngun's disappeared. So it was pretty much me, my boss and her mate, the birthday boy, his family, his closest mates and the karaoke machine. I stayed for about another hour, then headed off. I was sleepy, and had a belly ache from eating nuts.

Damn. I never thought I'd be so old as to say that :(

Anyhoo, I awoke rather late yesterday. Quite happy and feeling lazy. I soon found out that I bought AA batteries instead of AAA! Oh noes!!! I was gutted. But still managed to have some fun.

So I finally drag my satisfied arse (I'm not taking that back) out of bed and get ready to head to the gym. My phone rings and its a mate of mine, I grab a breakfast shake and hit the door. Her dogs are in the vets (for 2 weeks, muchly $$$) and we head off to visit them. This is all the result of a contaminated treat, but I'll not go into details here for legal reasons.

Afterwards we trek out for sushi, then up to her parents place. We're intending to go see Max Payne, but my eyes are itchy as all shit, so we quit that and head home. I race in the door, unsure if I want to rip out my contacts or go tot he bathroom first. I compromise. Out comes the offending contact and I head to the bathroom.

After removing the remaining contact I boot up my computer and begin to do dishes. At which point all hell breaks loose. When I return to my desk to pick up a cup, I find several pleas to call a friend - one of herkids has stepped on a kitten and its dying. She doesn't have a car, so she needs a lift to the vets. I grab my keys and head out the door. What followed was 2 and a half hours of driving around for her, listening to her berate her children and blame them for killing the kitten. And then taking her to get dinner.

She invited me in when I dropped her home, but I declined. My eyes were still sore and I was tired. Also, having been to the vets for 2 different people in one day had me a little nervy that I might be taking my babies to the vet that night, you know, since bad things happen in threes.

Arriving home, I found a police car, a divvy van, and an ambulance all stationed around my place. Umm. Ok then. Heading in, I find the security doors in the basement were absolutely shattered. It looked like someone had been in there throwing bricks at it. And, indeed, there was a brick in there. And about four policemen walk out of the apartment opposite mine when I get up to my floor. So I played nosy neighbour for about an hour, with my eye pretty much glued to the peephole.

Then I went to bed.

Today I'm still in my jammies. Its after midday. I intend to go to the gym, and that's about fucking all!


Anonymous said...

Well! I bet you are glad that's all over with :)

Professor said...

that was one hellva weekend...

Ben said...

Wow... you did the dishes? Really?

xl said...

I feel terrible about the kitten.

Ms Smack said...


I'm with xl, sorry about the kitten.