Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here is a direct copy/paste of the post on my weight loss blog. Copy/pasted cuz I know you fuckers don't click links :P


Much excitement to be had today. I weighed myself. I've been feeling pretty good all week, after taking a few days to adjust to the new diet. And the scales told me I've lost 1.5 kg since Saturday.


Yay fucking me!

So, a quick rundown on the diet.

I'm doing celebrity slim. I didn't like the meal plan. So I tweaked it. Mostly because people lose weight on that diet without exercising, and I wasn't giving up my exercise. Did I say 'tweak'? I means to say 'I ripped it apart and made a new one'.

So the recommended diet is
  • one shake for breakfast
  • a low carb, low fat snack
  • one shake for lunch
  • a low carb, low fat snack
  • a 'balanced' dinner (read: chicken/other lean meat and vege)
  • a low carb, low fat snack.
But no fruit (small apples, small oranges, half a mango, half a cup of berries, pears and peaches, max 3 servings of each per week), no carbs (cereal bread, rice, pasta), max 6 eggs a week.

Now, I can do snacks. I love snacks. That type of eating plan is what I live for. But I can't do the no fruit and no cereal thing. Especially since I went out and bought a stack of fruit that was on the 'naughty list', and 2 boxes of breakfast cereal. Plus I figured that since I was exercising I needed the extras, I could have them, so long as I was careful.

So what I tend to do is
  • bowl of cereal for breakfast, with carb blocker and vitamins
  • museli and yoghurt, or strawberries and yoghurt
  • salad, chicken and veg, or sammich.
  • apple on the walk from work to the train station
  • fruit when I get home (a WHOLE mango or some melon). I need the boost for...
  • GYM
  • shake for dinner
  • maybe some crackers with low fat tzatziki, or reduced fat avo dip for a snack.
I keep a meal and exercise diary too. It has an easy column to measure how much exercise you've had, how much water you've drunk, and you're fruit/vege intake per day. I drink about 2 litres of water a day. Very easy considering how much I sweat at the gym. And if I go to the gym late I skip the fruit when I get home, and have 'dinner' beforehand.

I should also point out that I have cut back on what I eat too. I used to have a snack as museli/yoghurt and fruit, and a big bowl of fruit salad when I got home from work. But I've dropped that.

The first few days on this diet gave me the most awful headache. And it absolutely fails if you're prone to boredom eating, so this weekend will be quite the test for me. But so far, I'd have to say this one is working quite well. I feel great. I really do.


Kitty said...

what the fuck is a carb blocker???

tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Crushed said...

I'm under 10 stone now :)

Kezza said...

Awesome work, I don't see your tweaks being too severe, if you went with their recommended diet you'd basically be starving yourself I think. Considering you go to the gym your plan looks much better. Any diet that recommends cutting out known healthy food (like fruit, veg or cereal) is a serious no-no!

Ben said...

Motivation... you have given me some.

Anonymous said...

Dont you have any pies or beer? I do .. loads!!

fingers said...

Do you have a subscription newsletter I can join so I don't miss a single, mesmerising gram of this battle...

Joshua said...

I clicked the link so ha!
Take that! rockzor!
Good for you!

and another ! for the heck of it!

phishez said...

Kitty - emailing you now!

Crushed - Yay you! I'm not quite there yet :(

Kez - you can tell me how I'm awesome any time you want.

Ben - Yay! I love motivating people.

Mutts - I can have pies, just without the pastry or meat. Its called a salad.

Fingers - awww, your crustiness, you missed the point. I lost 1.5 kg last week. Why would you waste time reading the rest of it?

Josh - oooh, !!!!'s make me happy.

Professor said...

Keep up the hard work- wow! you go!

Anonymous said...

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