Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mundane Experiences

Sometimes I forget how special my life is. Living in Australia you get a bit 'blah' about our amazing country. We are too laconic.

My mate Kez has recently been posting naked pics of himself. Go on, have a look. Just because I feel weird looking at his willy doesn't mean you shouldn't!

For those still reading, there is a pic there of il papa with a kangaroo. And it reminded me that we have some pretty amazing wildlife. I've worked with kangaroos,

Refused to touch Koala's (diseased little fuckers)
hand fed pelicans (a bit nerve racking considering their beaks)

Am so over Budgies, my Dad used to breed themplayed with Wombats,
Laughed at Cassowaries. From up above. Dangerous, vicious creatures that they are.

hand fed Tawny Frogmouths,
And cockatoos
Spent hours watching a platypus swim

And had echidna spines on my door.Played with Crows
And water dragons.
Had a friend own and breed blue tongues

Seen the sky turn grey from the galah's.

Studied Emu farming systems
Seen countless people swooped by magpies
Marvelled at just how tiny Thorny Devils are

Pulled skin worms out of a green tree snake
Lived opposite a guy who had a couple of 4m scrub pythons in his room.
Nearly trod on a tiger snake
Spent endless nights at uni catching frogs
Been unmoved by huntsmans. Unless they're in a small space with me (i.e the toilet) or expect me to sleep in the same room. In which case they FREAK ME OUT!Had my blood run cold at the sight of a small spider - the red back

And have had close mates work with saltwater crocodiles.
Our wild life is just that - wild. Its strange and fascinating. And BORING! We're so used to them, that these creatures that others consider exotic and dangerous. Where they would freak people out, we just know to avoid them. We play with dangerous snakes, spiders and scorpions as easily as we would harmless ones.

This was a really fun post to do. Its not often I truly appreciate what we've got here.

And right now I'm highly distracted. Observe.


Kezza said...

Of all the wild life photos in this post that last one would have to be my absolute favourite! What do you call that?

Now stop distracting the rest of us would you!

Josh said...

Australia has so much interesting genetic diversity. Great photos Phishy. :)

Ben said...

Ack.. of all the things you could have posted, you put up a pic of the one thing scares the shit out of me.

Boobies - and its even worse that thy are half hiding. Ready to pounce and suffocate me in my sleep.

I had to run back to Kezza's blog and take a good long look at his doodle to calm myself down.

Fanny F said...

Sydney's the worst for spiders! I was cleaning out the offsprings' bedrooms last week and found redback spiders in both rooms.

Anonymous said...

You crazy, funny galah!

Great photos and blog post phishy. x

Fusion said...

Loved the photos Phish, but I'm with you on the Huntsmans... never could get comfortable with one in the same room, my last few weeks in Oz there was one living in the bathroom...
Never saw a redback though.

unique_stephen said...

Great post girl.

Glad you managed a pic of those rare white pointers.

fingers said...

Sometimes the most amazing things are right under our noses...

Anonymous said...

Great post, although the croc picture made my blood run cold. As a child, my mother used to have to show me on a map how far away Weipa (and thereby the crocs) were.

Course, probably would have helped if I'd had an understanding of scale and not thought they were mere centimetres from our living room...

Ms Smack said...

What a fantastic post, Phish!!!

*adelaine said...

nothing beats the aussie sheila :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You live in a truly amazing land with incredible fauna—and don’t forget the gorgeous flora. I have longed to visit Australia for many years!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey phish...I loved the pics. They are amazing animals. Beautiful.

Though on this side of the world, all spiders die. Snakes,and crocodiles become luggage, purses, and boots no matter what the laws are.

But good news, boobies get kisses.

Ciao sweetie,

Professor said...

Hey did you take all those?????

And wow- you do have beautiful wildlife there. I understand how it can be so common place, though, when you see it all the time, and touch it and experience it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wo, I loved this post, and well, let's ust say, the last picture is the best! Of course :)

Anonymous said...

woah... how did you come up with a post like that, when those things are right there?! nice!