Saturday, October 11, 2008

Date Night

So its Saturday. Which equals date night. I've just cleaned. Boy, did I clean (about 4 hours worth)! Now its time to prepare to go out.

I've just started a facial. I'm waiting for my mask to dry, then its a long, hot shower, shaving my legs, and 'kini line (being careful not to aggrivate the ingrown). Then moisturizing all over. I might use self tanning moisturiser on my legs to make them look gorgeous honey brown. Then on with a gorgeous outfit. Maybe a dress? Maybe my 'skinny' jeans with a sexy top, killer heels and a biker jacket. Who knows? The look will be completed with perfume and makeup. And I'm ready for the date.

A movie maybe? Definitely dinner. I'm thinking sushi. Good conversation with a girls true, hot equal. I don't think we'll linger. Maybe we'll move on to the movie. Alone in the dark, so comfortable.

Then home, maybe for a hot passionate session. Why waste freshly shaved goodness? But no pressure if I'm not in the mood.

Yep. I love the ME date!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Ooooooooooooooh! I miss being able to go out on dates!

I hope you have lots of fun!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I know sometimes it's a lot of work...but I like to do those detail cleaning at home too. I do, I'm a freak huh?

Isn't it fab, I love to take my time shaving my legs moisturizing. Doing all the beauty things....putting the make up, lipstick and perfume. My girl does too.

My teen son just shakes his head and says...what takes you two so been getting ready for hours.

hehehe. We have a date tonight to catch up. I'm tired as I can be but I need this time with her.

Lucky me...I've have two Saturdays.

Ciao babe.

Professor said...

ME dates are the best- good food, good conversation with someone intelligent, you can sit anywhere in the movie theater and you don't have to share the popcorn... sounds like a super great night!

Fanny F said...

I find the best thing about Me dates is that I always have an orgasm.

Anonymous said...

Well, one must love themselves before they can love others. :)

Josh said...

And dirty old me just got stuck on the bit about you having a facial...It was sounding like such a good date.

I hope you respected yourself in the morning.

Fusion said...

And having a ME date avoids waking up in the morning next to "WTF was I thinking last night"

Hope you had fun ;)

phishez said...

Nick - I did have fun! It was worth the expense.

Spiky - I'm so jealous. Two saturdays? I never get that!

Prof - the only time a girl can spend with her true equal.

Fanny - yep. I did have a happy ending.

Kate - and I did love myself at the end of the night too :P

Josh - I was too tired to fake respect in the morning.

Fusion - I woke up and rolled over onto something small, kind of rectangular and hard. I freaked that it was a dildo... it was just the remote.