Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh My!

Gawd damn, am I bored now? I'm at work. Its a public holiday. There's me and my boss. We're waiting for some cleaners to finish doing what they do, and its all hands on deck for about 20 minutes. Then home time.

Waiting sucks.

I got my first mobile phone when I was 18. It was my dad's second hand crapmobile. I hated it. I had to tape the battery in place, and if you held it the wrong way whilst writing a text, it died. If you pressed to answer a phone call, it died. If you ignored it for too long, it died.

Plus it was hideous. I hated that phone. It didn't even have predicative text!

My second phone was a 3315. I loved that phone. It was everything my old phone wasn't. It was sleek, it was stylish, and it never died. Not even when I dropped it off the second story balcony. It bounced, the cover exploded, but it still loved me. I swear, nokia's are indestructible. I loved that I could personalise it too. It had a Garfield cover, with him sitting in a flowerbed saying something about eating daisies. The ringtone was the muppets. And it did the chicken dance when I got a message. It had all the games you could ever want. There's really nothing better than a game of snake to keep you occupied. I had that phone for 3 years. But I wanted more. I wanted a camera.

So I upgraded. I had a cute little sagem for about 3 months. It was really cute. Mum got (and still has) the cute sagem. I ended up switching to another carrier, and getting a 'cool' new phone.


I went for the LG 8330. Sure, it had a flip. And a camera. And it took reasonable qualilty photos (for that time), but I couldn't transfer the photo's to my computer. The buttons stuck, the battery died, it didn't play music, let alone radio. Yeah, I hated that phone. The only cool thing was the camera, it spun around and you could take pictures from in front or behind the phone. That was pretty cool, but in the end that ended up fucking up too. It got stuck. Poo.

Now I have the n95. Yeah, nothing beats that. Its like sex in a phone. I was sold with the camera. 5mp. That was the thing I refused to budge on. My new phone had to have a 5mp camera. The other features (the mp3 player, GPS, bluetooth, radio, dual slide, web browsing, TV output) are just gravy. Very thick, juicy gravy.

But I do miss features of the 3315. It was simple. Very easy to use. No trying to upgrade software and having my memory deleted. None of that. And it was indestructible. Yeah. I'd have to say that I did love that phone.

Shame it didn't have a camera.

So. Tell me. What was your first mobile? Or what was you most/least favourite and why?


Anonymous said...

My first one sucked. I just got the Samsung Flipshot though. I really loved it when I got it, but I hate it more and more every day! It messes up all the time!

One way it sucks... if I put dates in, it mixes up the purpose of the alarm.
I had a wedding to go to on the 20th. I had a doctor's appointment on the 18th. Both said, Wedding!

It would mess every single one up! sometimes it will switch the dates, sometimes it will make them all the same. I hate it.

I need a new phone! Yours looks preeeetty!

Kezza said...

Hmmmm, My first phone was an LG one of the very first CDMA ones you could get. It was horrible, it could recieve text messages, but not composoe or send them. Go figure. Then I had another LG, this one could send an SMS but you couldn't retrieve names from the phonebook to send to so you had to memorise everyones number. I've since had an Ericsson that randomly switched itself off one night and lost all my data when I switched it back on. That was a pretty cool phone, you could pick the back light colour: red, green, yellow or blue. I even had it signed by all the members of Drowning Pool before the singer died, however after continued use the signatures faded. I've also had a parade of Nokias since then and a Samsung too, but I can't really pick a fave, maybe the Samsung because it was totally sexy, slim, white and hott! But for the pure geekyness of it nothing beats the N95 I have now... even if I don't even use half of the features available!

Ben said...

My very first mobile had a massive two line display - It was craptacular indeed. It wasn't sms enabled (i don't think sms existed yet)and was still on the old
"015 XXX XXX" numbers before we got "0415 XXX XXX" - only just though.

I've got the N95 too now, but for work I'm still on a nokia 3315, it has outlasted two Blackberry's (they don't cope well with rain) - but the worst phone I ever got was the Motoroal RAZR V3 in silver. What a load of shit. Worst menus and navigation ever and just shit.

Crushed said...

My first mobile was a Motorola. You couldn't put it in your pocket, it was too big, really. It had a case you could clip it on to your belt with. It was what it said it was, a mobile PHONE. Phone size. About three times the size of my current phone, but you could only make calls off it or text. Couldn't even choose a ringtone.

Kronstadt said...

My first phone was a motorola flip down thing with a two line display and *gasp* an external antenna! I can imagine it in some movie from the early ninties about powerful stockbrokers or some shit. Picture micheal j. fox yelling "sell sell sell" into it while walking down a street in new york. yeh baby greed is good.

xl said...

My first cell phone was a Nokia (with Snake!). The carry case slipped off my belt and fell into a toilet, killing the phone.

wee-h said...

Nokia and snake - i was addicted to that.

I now have the new N96 - if you love the N95 you are gonna be in heaven when you see the N96, it plays tv shows!

unique_stephen said...

My first one fell onto a wet sponge that had extremely saline contaminated groundwater in it from the docklands site in Melbourne where I was working as an environmental scientist.

It gave birth to a huge mass of sticky blue fibers like coral. Needless to say it was fucked.

Now I drive the Nokia Navigaor.

Nice - but it could have wifi. That would be nice.

Professor said...

Frankly I can't remember my first phone BUT the phone I have now is too complicated for me to operate. I guess I can play music on it, but I don't know how. i was very impressed that I could figure out how to answer it and add ring tones AND it does take pictures- but crappy ones. However,the phone is PINK, had the word chocolate in the title, and is mine. whatever works, eh?

Fusion said...

I spent over 8 years selling them, and couldn't tell you how many I've had, but the first was a old bulky Audivox prepaid thing back in 1995, it was so big my wife hated putting in her purse. I'm using a Nokia 6500 slider phone from Optus that was Kimba's upgrade she didn't want (she liked her N73 better). I was able to set it up on a network here in the US when I came back from Oz. My next one will be the N85, which is a US version of your N95... It should be out later this month, can't wait.

Ms Smack said...

I have this little nokia slide phone. Works okay. Dropped it a few times and it's functional. I don't use all the fancy things on it.

BUT I do want an iphone...

If you know where I can get one, cheap off the back of a truck, hit me up!


Joshua said...

I didn't have a cell phone until college (18 years old). Now kids are getting them before they know how to walk it seems.

The phone was junk. Well it worked find as a phone. It was just some pre-paid thing. I didn't have a job at the time (ie: no money) so I was a total minute Nazi!

Now I got my a Blackjack, one of dem smart fones with a full keyboard. I'll never go back to a phone that doesn't have a full keyboard.

I think I might get a new one with GPS. I want to see if I can use it to see just where I'm at in the Gulf of Mexico.