Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Reason.

For quite a long time I've disliked mushrooms. More than disliked. The thought of adding them to any food was absolutely nauseating to me. I couldn't even stand to add them to spaghetti sauce! It has only been very recently that I can eat them.

This traced back to a very, very vague memory that I had as a child. Indeed, the memory was so vague, that I thought it to be a dream. It has recently been referred to in conversation, and confirmed that it was an actual occurrence.

I must have been 5 or 6. And my father cooked mushrooms for dinner. Now, all he did was braise them in butter. Did I say braise? That indicates that it might be something nice. He took it a bit far though, always 'braised' his mushrooms in butter, until they resembled some kind of lumpy volcanic mud, dolloped onto your plate. And it stunk to high heavens. He never added anything to it, except maybe some salt and pepper. I'm sure it could be made quite nice, but Dad just massacred it!

Anyway, he served this goo to us one night for dinner. We were given an ultimatum, I think, eat it or no dessert. I don't remember eating it. But my brother did. The whole damn lot. And he sat there and looked uncomfortable after it. And then he did the grossest thing imaginable. He threw up. The whole lot. On.His.Plate! And it looked exactly the fucking same as it did before he ate it.

And that's why I don't like mushrooms!


Cazzie!!! said...

That is it! I am off mushrooms now, totally!!
Also, I just read the post below and pmsl big time!!!

Kitty said...

i friggin heart mushies.


i'm glad you are getting past your dislike for them - so healthy and good for you!!


Ben said...

I add mushrooms to everything. Pastas, salads, cereals.

The only food to make me hurl is lambs fry with bacon.

Never eaten again...

xl said...

I minimize on the mushrooms as they are like chunks of tofu to me.

Like the animated hack sign!

Princess of the Universe said...

I luuurrrvve mushrooms...

*~Dani~* said...

I love mushrooms. And that is one gross story. Maybe try eating them with your eyes closed? Or hiding them in things until you start to like them again?

Kezza said...

Oh my lord. You freak, how could you not LOVE mushrooms... I think the magic variety are the best, but all the others are awesome too. I mean I can see how that story would put you off them a bit, but it was your brother who threw up, not you so I say embrace the 'shroom!

yrautca said...

Hey, they are great to smoke though!

Joshua said...

Well I didn't like them before. Afte reading this post I like them even less.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, really? But I LOVE muchrooms. Maybe I should cook them for you.

Ms Smack said...

Can't. Eat. Mushrooms.

I will pick every single little brown sliver of them from any pizza, and meal.

Once, when I met Carissa's nan, for the first time, she made home made mushroom soup and had the best silver out. Yup. I ate it, to be polite. Gagged at the table, and spent 3 days in bed.

She never cooked mushroom for me again.


Ms Smack said...

PS. Love the ninja.

Thanks honey.

unique_stephen said...

Love the mushies, almost as much as your ninja.

Anonymous said...

He should have eaten them again for twice the goodness!

phishez said...

Cazzie - I can still eat them, just, sometimes my stomach gives a little lurch. Then I eat chocolate to make it happy again :)

Kitty - someone once said to me that mushies are vegetarian meat.

Ben - Mushroom cereal. Noice!

xl - I think you gave Smack the idea for that one didn't you?

Princess - I like them, but I wouldn't call it love.

Dani - Closing my eyes doesn't really make the taste, smell or texture go away. But thanks for the advice anyway.

Kez - I've never had magic mushrooms. I've had really good ones, but no magic.

Y - you can smoke mushrooms? Holy shit!

Josh - I'm glad someone else gets it.

Smack - I used to be like that. Very polite of you with gran though.

Unique - that ninja does rock doesn't it?

Mutts - throwing up is just enjoying your meal all over again!

Professor said...

And now I shall never eat a mushroom again either- oh icky!

Ms Smack said...


xl is a very clever cookie and he made the hack sign with my eyes on it.

I did the rest. The ninja one is a automated website.

If you want the url to make your own, hit me up, girlfriend.


phishez said...

Prof - I eat them now. but it took me a good 20 years or so to get over it!

Smack - lolz. I got it from the URL. And as far as I'm concerned, the little ninja is there just to proclaim your awesomeness to the bloggy world!

Ms Smack said...


Josh said...

Well no wonder! I had a similar incident happen to me when I was about 4, except it involved tomatoes, and I was the one doing the puking. I didn't eat tomatoes until I was nearly 20.