Monday, December 14, 2009

Stupid, Stupid Girl

So, right off the back of a post about how men are stupid comes my own installment.

So, for those not playing at home, I used to be a fatty. Still am a bit podgy in the middle, but I can lose it in a short period of time. Anyways, I went on this killer 12 week challenge at the gym, lost a stack of weight and felt fantastic.

Challenge over. Weight begins to creep on. This morning I told a workmate/bestie that she is to pull me up if I do anything dietarily questionable.

Ok, so the scene is set. I've lost a stack of weight and am having difficulty maintaining it.

Anyways. A few days ago, me and the workbestie got together and put an order in for some lollies. I wanted some to decorate my gingerbread house, but was never going to eat the amount that I'd have to get, in order to have enough variety. So we went halves in an order.

This is what we got
Mates, 380g,
Raspberry bullets, 400g
White chocolate raspberry bullets, 400g,
Coffee Eclairs, 400g
Chocolate eclairs, 400g
Gummy party mix, 750g
Seconds lollies, 1kg

That was to SHARE. Between TWO of us.

I also got 2 bags of sugar free lollies, a pack of choc coated jelly raspberries, several assorted individual packs of fruit and nut, and 550g mixed buds.

Total = over 3.5kg.*

Of lollies.

I just came off a killer diet.


I am scared. Terrified even, of these lollies. They are currently living in my locker at work. The good news is, I'm not game to open the bag to sneak even one. I'm going to have to give them away.

So, who wants lollies for Christmas?

*Though it was a total bargain. 3.5kg lollies for $35, including postage. And the very small amount I've sampled were fucking divine.


Ute said...

*hands up*

Me,me,me,me,me,me!!!! I'll have 'em!!!

xl said...

Please post a pix of the finished gingerbread house!

phishez said...

ute - i'd be happy to share a sugar high with you. Just pop over. I'll put the kettle on.

Xl - it will be on facebook at the very least.

Fanny said...

I'm the wrong person to comment ... you know why .... but I recommend small amounts of really really good lollies rather than a big lot that will give you a pain in the tummy if you eat too many.

unique_stephen said...

none for me thanks
I don't what to get fat.

The Mutant said...


Put a diabetic (ie, me) in a room with that jumbo bag of lollies for a night and see what happens. Could be fun I reckon!

Ms Smack said...


You'll hate yourself later if you do, and imagine the hours and hours of exercise that you'll have to do, to get even a tiny bit off!

Seriously. Bag them up, and give them to anyone that will take them. RSPCA staff, Local business anyone!