Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why men are stupid.

What's this? A post? On my sad, neglected blog? Why yes, yes it is. Will anyone even notice?

Ok, so its been a while since I posted. A quick wrap up - I dieted. And that's about it. It was hard, I sweated, I shrank, I won the 12 week challenge. And I've spent the last 3 weeks gaining weight again. *sigh*

But that's not what I wanted to blog about. I wanted to tell you all about a friend of mine. Lets call him Friend. See what I did there, put a capital on it and added some fontage. Tricky stuff.

I have known Friend for about 18 months now. I see this guy as a purely platonic friend. How many of you already know where this is going? Twice over the course of the last 18 months he's asked for more. And twice I've told him, quite firmly, that I see him as just a friend, and nothing was going to happen.

A few weeks ago, he calls me up. Bitching that I don't answer his calls or respond to his messages. I got a little snarky when I told him that, as it explains in my voice mail message, I do not get reception at work, so if he's calling during work hours, its not so much that I ignore his calls, as I don't get them. I told him I was in the 12 week challenge and was full on, crazy busy, no time to catch up.

He continues to call and text. Sometimes at 7am, when I'm asleep on the train, sometimes at 10pm, when I'm about to head to bed.

On facebook he began bagging out gym junkies. Now, if you're not aware of this, I am one. I love the gym so hard it hurts. Literally. I have quite a lot of friends at the gym, both trainers and guys from the challenge. Guys and girls. And I love them to bits. I have never known a bunch of more committed, hard working individuals. And any slur on these guys was a reflection on me.

It happened again on Sunday night. I posted a status update about chocolate being better than men. I mean, hell, I've gone long periods without either, and it wasn't men I was looking forward to most.

I could see it happening a mile off. Frantically I tried to divert the conversation. But he was set. It started with him insulting the gym and junkies, then he asked me out. Publicly. But it wasn't even an appealing proposition. He wanted me to meet up with him so that I could buy him lunch/dinner. On a thread that had been already commented on by one of the trainers. This trainer was privvy to the whole conversation. So I can pretty much guess that all of the guys at the gym know about what happened.

I ended up texting a friend and she intervened to tell him that I couldn't share chocolate with him. I was highly embarrassed. If you're on facebook, don't bother looking for the chat. Its been deleted.

I took the conversation private. And this is the ensuing conversation.


Just letting you know that I'm deleting you as a facebook friend. I really didn't like the way you asked me out on my status last night. I see you as a friend, nothing more, and I've told you this several times. I don't want to hurt you, or lead you on.

If you can handle being friends with me, just friends, then add me again. If you can't, then I won't hurt you, and I think its best that we leave it alone.

Its up to you.


His response was something along the lines of

'there was nothing to not like about what I asked. Unless you don't want to be asked out. Anyway, you deleted me, so its up to you to add me again.'

Seems he thought I'd been playing hard to get.

I'm, not 100% sure, I ended up deleting the thread.


My response:
I did not like being asked out by someone that I have repeatedly told I am not interested in. I feel awkward telling you this again. It makes me feel uncomfortable about catching up with you as a friend.

I am giving you the option of adding me again. If you can't handle being PLATONIC friends, then this is very sadly going to have to be the end of our acquaintance.

*block said tool*

The End. Men are stupid.


The Mutant said...

Indeed they are.

Very very stupid.

And I hate being one, which is why I've decided that from this point on I'm going to be a woman so that i no longer get grouped with dickheads like that.

You heard it here first!

Oh, and for anyone else who stumbles across this comment, Phishez already knows my feeling on the subject. I just needed to talk a little so that I could become the centre of attention.

kthxbye xox

xl said...

"Will anyone even notice?"

[puts hand up]

I did!

PS: Men are stupid; that's a given.

Ute said...

Oh hai! Thanks for the link... now I've got to go and catch up and read all of your past entries! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ;)

You did the right thing. His problem if he couldn't accept your earlier refusal.

Josh said...

Since when did no mean no????

Sheesh, I can't keep up :p

PS: men are better in the sun than chocolate...

Cazzie!!! said...

Ya can't help dumb!

*~Dani~* said...

No loss there if you ask me. Do you want to be even platonic friends with someone who regularly slams something that is important to you and that you love?

phishez said...

Mutant - Haha. I thought you said you were counting yourself as a woman so that you no longer get groped with dickheads like that.

XL - wah-hey! Thanks for the love :)

Ute - it was damn awkward is what is is. How am I supposed to hang out with someone who keeps me on edge?

Josh - I'm hoping they don't go all soft in the sun like chocolate...

Cazzie - nope, but you CAN laugh at it

Dani - definitely not. And I've met so many cool people, that I don't like them being slammed either.

unique_stephen said...

See - this is why I'm a misogynist.