Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm 29 years old. Single. Female.
More brains than beauty. Wicked sense of humor and an insatiable sexual appetite. And I can cook. Damn near the perfect woman. But I'm happy to be single. I like my bed to myself. Well, as 'to myself' as having 3 cats gets.

And I've lived life.

So it doesn't make sense that I am suddenly incapacitated by a crush. Seriously. An idle interest in a guy has turned into a full blown butterflies-in-stomach, dropping things,             dumbfounded, speechless, blushing, nervous crush. And I know where it  all started.

Watch this video. Not because its funny, that's just a perk. But listen for the noise the pig makes at the end.        

He made a moderately funny joke, and topped it off with THAT noise. And I knew I'd be in trouble.

Is he stunningly good looking? No. But he's nice. And very smart. And he has busted me in the throes of pre vomit. Oh yes. It wouldn't be me if I didn't vomit on or near a crush.
I watch him now. When he's around. I try not to, but I'm afraid that someone will notice. I don't think I'm  obvious, but I can't be sure. And I have to think of conversation starters before I can talk to him.

And I won't do anything. Not that I'm shy. But because everything about this guy screams 'engaged'. I have never spoken to him about anything other than his work, but when my instincts are saying something this specific, they are very, very rarely wrong.

So I shall go on dropping things, randomly blushing, stuttering, smiling for no reason and humming to myself. Let's see if anyone notices the difference...

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Fenstar de Luxe said...

aaaw crushes are lovely. I have one at the moment and it drives me to distraction. Thankfully the person is rarely in my real life, otherwise I'd be doomed!!