Monday, August 13, 2012

What a weekend

3 days. Supposed to be chilled out. That idea went arse up.

Relatively early start. Cleaned the fish tank. Ran some errands then hit the road for a trip home.
Picked up some groceries close to Mums, and made schnitzel and salad for dinner.
Good Start.

Got woken up by Mums landlord/neighnour knocking on the door. They needed me to move my car, so they could move their RV, so that they could get something out of the shed in Mums back yard. I'm standing there in bare feet, with bed hair, pre coffee, when this rolls out of the driveway.

An original FJ Holden. Not reconditioned. ORIGINAL.

Add to the bed hair/barefeet/pre coffee daze, eye popping slack jawed awe. The neighbour couldn't help but poke some friendly fun at me. "You didn't know that was in your mums back yard did you?" The clear answer was "Nup." She invited me over to have a peek later on. Which is an offer I couldn't refuse.

Popped over to see Dad in the arvo. And boy, has his life changed in the past 6 weeks since I've seen him.  He has a little girl named Molly. about 8 months old. The first thing I did when I met her was take the shock collar off her, and yell at my Dad. When he was giving her a cuddle, he noticed a sore on her neck where it had burned her. He won't put it back on anytime soon. Like... ever!

Molly is a Silkie cross Jack Russell or Fox Terrier. I think Jack Russell. Her paws are too big for a foxy. She's pretty sedate for a young dog, but she's so happy when she sees you. And she has a beautiful smile too.

Straight after leaving Dads, I headed back home. Second road trip in 2 days. My sister was away for the weekend, so I had to head home to feed the furkids. Who demanded food and cuddles. In that order.

I thought I'd backup the photos of the weekend, and my computer very kindly let me know that my software could be updated too. So, after doing the back up, I opted to do the upgrade.

Only, halfway through the upgrade, when the software had been removed from my phone, my computer failed to recognise it. I spent 2 hours trawling technerd forums, downloading software etc. Only to take a phone minus software, and turn it into a brick.

Begin the morning to the alarm of my ooold Nokia N95. Which turned out to be a bit of fun. Despite it not having a touch screen, or games, or music, it was fun to remember how awesome it was when I got it. A true blast from the past. When I got it, it was the best phone on the market. It had the best camera (which is still comparable to todays phone cameras). It had a GPS that you could use. But if you took a wrong turn it lagged, then shit itself. So it was only useful if you knew where you were going. And the front screen was massive for its time. Because the keys were behind the screen. It had a dual slide, allowing you to expose your music buttons and keep your regular keypad locked.

Comparing it to a new phone, it is crap. But it was really innovative for tis time.

And then I discovered my message box was full. I had a blast reading through that little snapshot in time 2 years ago.
  • Kez offered my his face, which was inclined to all over breakouts from time to time. [Neither of us knew what this was about.]
  • Kez had just been to the Scissor Sisters and Kyle Minogue came on stage. 
  • I'd just had a combined birthday and holiday. So lots of catching up with people. 
  • A friends brother had died.
  • I got booty called by my ex. And just reading that old text, and recognising the number, sent tingles through my girly bit. Apparently I have Pavlovs vagina.
 After all that, it was time to head out to the Optus store and renew my contract. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Galaxy SIII. And then I had to
  • go through and reset the clock and alarms. 
  • Download the games again. 
  • Play Words with Friends with Mum. 
  • Set up the home screens the way I liked them.
  • Add music and movies
  • Set up all of my internet sites and input the passwords.
  • spend 2 hours playing with it to get myself acquainted
And then after that, I decided to join facebook again. Its been a year. So I have a lot of stuff to wrap my head around there...


Ute said...


Seeeeeeeeeeeee, better that you posted the pics of the Olden than me. :)

Awwwww, Molly is GORGEOUS! She reminds me of our old family dog, Biddy. She was a bitza. We never did know who the father was, but had our theories.

I'd love a scruff like that again...

New phones- fun!

Oh, and so glad you're back on Farcebook! x

Fenstar de Luxe said...

aaah what a sexy old car.

I have a SGS3 and I love it to bits. Which is totally wrong as it's just a phone, but I loooove it!!

The T-Dude said...

Now that is one sweet ride! Absolutely beautiful.