Thursday, August 09, 2012

Whats this? 4 posts in a week...

Before the last posts, it had been 3 and a hlf months since my last post. And things have been pretty grim.

For about a month after, things just declined. I had to get my Mum to pay a whole months rent. I cancelled my health insurance and got the banks to temporarily shut down my credit cards. I even had to go to the Salvation Army for help. They paid to get my car registered and gave me some vouchers for groceries.

It was a low point.

I got the salvos cheque the day before my rego was due to expire. And had to book in to get my new license plates etc. Unfortunately, Melbourne metro was booked out. But luckily for me, my home town had a free slot the next afternoon. I was due to go home that weekend anyway, so I made the trip a little earlier.

11am Friday. I'm getting ready to head out. Car packed. I've peed, just gotta say goodbye to the fur kids. Phone rings. Its an offer to meet up about a job early next week. Plans are made and excitrement had. Needed to pee again before leaving.

4pm Friday. I have my number plates. Car now registered in Victoria. Screwdriver in hand, I discover that the plates need an extra hole to fit my european manufactured car. I attach the back plate, as best I could, and move to the front to finish the job. I call my Dad to see if he has a drill I can use when I visit him.

Call waiting goes off. I decide to answer. Its the same guy I'd spoken to earlier that day. Turns out the roster for the next week at the factory is full and they are desperate for starters. So instead of meeting up to look around, would I mind starting instead?

I hadn't even finished screwing my number plates on, and I had a job. Karma, thatnks a bunch. But you're sooo fucking slow sometimes!

That first week I was offered 4 shifts, and I had to turn 1 down because of illness. But it was great. Being able to pay my own rent is a bit awesome.

So, things are looking up. I have work, so the financial stress is much less.
I have made friends. So I'm less isolated.
I have a reason to get out of bed. Which makes sleeping in sooo much more fun.
I am now more motivated. I am looking to start my own business. But thats a post for its own.

Oh, and I think I'm back to blogging too. I have decided to do 'Sundays Sexy Seven' and 'Friday Fuzzies.


lx said...

Congrats on the new job!

Great to see you writing again. Thanks for stopping by mine recently.

Memphis Steve said...

I'm so glad that you found something! And I'm glad that you're back blogging, too. I've missed the old crowd. You have always been one of the best.

Ute said...

This post is so full of awesome!!! xox