Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok. This is a long one. I am finally updating about all that has happened in the month since I closed Phishez.

I am still seeing Overflow on a regular basis. So regular in fact, that he is no longer Overflow. Though after he got cum in my hair from doggy (yes fingers, head hair) maybe I should rename him. Nah, I like the name. It’s still casual and it was only last night that I told him I’m not seeing anyone else. So we;ll see how it progresses from here.

I am no longer working with Green Eyes. *boo*. I am going on holidays to Melb in a week or so, and as such work has given the opportunity to train someone else up in that area. Green Eyes is most displeased. Though that could be because he went away for a few days and came back to some seriously sick animals. Which had nothing to do with me. This is supposed to only be until I get back from holidays. The boss has already tried to implement changes that are detrimental to the room. I knocked that on the head pretty damn quickly though. Was a hell of a fight though.

On the plus side, my workload has lightened considerably, and I even got to sit down for half an hour before knock off time!

I have had several screaming matches with my supervisor. He has triend the ‘I’m in charge and what I say goes’ which really doesn’t roll with me. He has no idea what mork I do around the place, makes no effort to find out, and never remembers anything I tell him. He listens to what he wants to hear and will throw shit that I’ve told him back at me. Except he doesn’t actually know what I’ve said to him. I think my blood pressure rose just typing that.

I went away for the weekend. Over the mountains, and on to the next set of mountains in central NSW. Was a great weekend out at a property that was full of roo’s and rabbits. Great country hospitality, bushfires, toasting marshmallows, army boys and excess piss. Its been too long since I’ve been out that way and that life is so different from the one I live now. I yearn for a place where you can’t hear traffic :(

Bit of reflection: I am so stoked with the NSW police. An easter road toll of 0 is just too good to be true. On the way out to the property I must have seen about 6 police cars. And I was quite happy with that. To me the road toll is not just a number. Its someone who won’t be going home to their loved ones. Their kids will not be seeing their parents tonight, tomorrow. They won’t be there for weddings and graduations. They will never know their grandkids. They will never joke around with their mates again. Never have a few bevvies with the blokes/gals. So yeah, the police presence might be a pain in the arse, but I’m happy to put up with it if it saves even one person.

Easter happened. I didn’t get any easter eggs but I did get to suck cock. And I have to say, I so love post easter sales at darrell lea. YUM!!!!

I saw 10,000BC. Man that was one fucking AWESOME movie. Completely wrong, but completely fantastic at the same time. The effects were astounding. Well worth seeing in the cinema, to get the full effect of the movie. If you’re even considering going to see it, then stop considering and go buy a ticket. STAT!!!

I have some decent posts written to come in the next few days. Or I have some decent posts half-written for when I get blog-block.

My favourite saying at the moment - If men didn’t have dicks you’d throw rocks at them.

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  1. Oh it’s you! Hey! :)

    It is my firm belief that supervisors and duty managers are actually the most useless people on earth. How do they get these jobs, seriously? They’re clueless and have no people skills…maybe that’s in the job specification or something.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous update! :)

    Back in FINE FORM!

  3. Thanks for the update and it’s great to see you back here!
  4. Well, it’s good to see your around again :)

    You sure have seem to been busy these past few weeks.

  5. Phishy, great to see you back! Can’t wait to hear a bit more about Overflow…

    And coming to melbourne, hooray! What are you up to in town?

  6. I was wondering what you’d be up to! Thanks for the update. Have fun. Alex says, “Purrrr-fect fun. OK?”
  7. I am very glad you are blogging again. :)

    I’d much rather suck cock than dye eggs, so I think you managed nicely for Easter.

  8. You wouldn’t throw rocks at me if I didn’t have a dick would you? Actually come to think of it, if men didn’t have dicks I’d throw rocks at them too!

    And the prospect of you in Melbourne next week is a very exciting one! Let’s go crazy Broadway sytle!!

  9. Broadway STYLE even. *sheepish grin* I’m not one much for poof-reading.

    I mean PROOF-reading. Oh fuck it, I’m going to stop now!

  10. Thanks for the update! I was wondering….

    I must have missed the whole naming of overflow and can only speculate as to how he got that name!!! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!

  11. Laura - Damn. Means I’ll never get promoted.

    Smack - haha. I’m, always in fine form!

    Prof - great to be back. As cheesy as it sounds.

    Joshua - life never ends!

    Miss D - be there in about 10 days. And SOO looking forward to it!

    Nick - I’ll have fun AND be safe. Sound ok to you?

    Josh - we all know how much I love sucking cock!

    Kez - who are you kidding, you love poof reading!

    Muse - he overflowed the condom the first time we ‘met’.

  12. Welcome back…and stop throwing rocks.
    Do you know why chicks have cunts ??
    So men will talk to them.
    Do you know why they have heads ??
    So we know which cunt is ours…

    Oh, it’s you Phish. Or do we call you Bitchtasm now ??

  13. Phishy Phishy… or is it Bitchy? No, that name doesn’t suit you at all!

    Anyway, good to see you back.

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