Monday, March 31, 2008

More On The Dentist

After friday’s dental work I felt great. Completely numb in all sore spots. And I took that opportunity to sleep. Saturday was ok. Saturday was when I blogged last.

Saturday night was terrible. I must have popped ibuprofen like it was skittles. And apsrin. And vodka, just to complete the mix. I was in motherfucking PAIN!!! When the ibuprofen ran out, I was texting a mate at 2 am to see if she had anything else I could take.

I was out of bed at first light. Stalking the house. Waiting for the doctors to open. I was there at 10. Waited half an hour and was in there for maybe 10 minutes. I walked out with a prescription for pandine forte and some potent assed antibiotics. Both prescriptions got filled asap and I was drugged out, in bed by 11.30

Deb rang at 1 to drop of some penut butter m&m’s (cuz you can only get them from specialty stores in aus). And I waited out the front to give her back her vodka. Fuck me I was sooo stoned. I dropped the catalogues I was reading, said ‘oh dear’, and dropped more as I bent over to pick them up. And instead of developing tourettes, all I said was ‘oh dear’. And then dropped more and did the same thing. At this point Deb was pissing herself laughing. She said something about her dogs hearing my voice and all I could say was ‘bye-bye’. About 3 times. Then I turned around and just… ambled… off. I was so out of it.

Yesterday was agony. I am quite the masochist at times. For example I must pop pimples, poke sore spots and scratch cuts. And this tooth… I had to press it. No matter how painful it was. And it was fucking painful. I left work at 2.30. Asleep by 3. Between 3 and getting up for work this morning, I was awake for only 3 hours. And that was to take more pills, yak and answer one very important email.

Today was better. Except for the fact that I had a huge mother of a lump on the roof of my mouth. Turns out that yesterday I burst a tooth abscess and this was where it had drained to. I know this because I was back at the dentist tonight. If I hadn’t burst the abscess I’d be looking at root canal. In fact, I may still be looking at root canal. But the fact that I’m on antibiotics that are aimed at abscesses/mouth infections means that I’ve been treating this the right way without even knowing it.

How good am I?

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  1. I had the same thing a few months back. An abscess on the roof of my mouth and the cunt of a dentist (my mate) wouldn’t do anything about it till the swelling went down. It was like a golf ball and hurt like fuck, so I put my thumb on it and pressed hard until it exploded.
    Felt so good.
    Until it got infected…

    Oh poor Phishy.

  2. *MissE passes over copious amounts of sympathy and hugs*

    Oh Phishy - you poor thing.

    At least you’d already, by serendipitous chance, begun the right treatment for it.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed you don’t have to have the root canal - although if you’ve got a good dentist it isn’t anywhere are painful as people might think. Mind you my root-canaled molar is now a rather unattractive grey colour… *sigh* …yep - that’ll get the boys a running.

  3. You know how sometimes you see or hear something that, even though it’s happening to someone else, makes you feel a tingle in that part of your body? Well, I’m like that right now having read about your dental work!

    I hope your feeling much better now! xox

  4. Anyway, good to be reading you again!!! xxxxx

    oh my, i havent been to the dentist for a long time, so this post made me quite nervous. Glad to hear that you’ve got some antibiotics though (sometimes theyre abused but there’s nothing better than killing some bad stuff with it). I don’t know if that even made sense!

  5. Why is it that Dentist and Sadist seem so closely aligned?

    I sympathise.

  6. Oh no! How horrible! Hope you feel better soon, and I’m very glad to see you back in the blogosphere!
  7. yay for leaving comments from my cell phone.

    it is good that your tooth is gettting bettter. i really need to go to a dentist but it is hard to get any work done with the money that i make working part time.

  8. Can you buy some betadene mouthwash? It’s as nasty as Finger’s ass crack, but holy shit, it’ll clean any bacteria from your infected gob, mate.
  9. As Bill Cosby informed us, “Novocain doesn’t stop pain; it postpones it.”
  10. I hope it’s all sorted now you poor bugger!

    Sweet Jebus that sounds like six levels of HELL!

  11. Damn girl, that sucks. Let’s hope for no root canal…

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