Thursday, September 25, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words...

I have an image in my head.

A girl stands on a corner, waiting for the light to change. She smells of vomit, her shirt is wet and she sways slightly. A stranger asks her if she's been having problems with her phone and she replies 'nah, nah mate. I'm fine.'

How did she get there I wonder?

Would you care to guess?


MissE said...

She was looking after her sister's evil-spawn offspring and while the littlest bastard puked on her, the older ones soaked her with water pistols and pounded on her head with nerf bats, causing her to drop her phone.

The now damaged phone is half hanging out of her pocket (which is why the stranger asked about it) and she's got a bit of a concussion going on as the evil sproglettes of hell had quite a heft to their nerf battery.

Am I close?


xl said...

You found spouse-xl! She tends to wander since she has gone off her meds.

Do I win a prize?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. She could have just left a pub toilet where she had been sleeping for the last five hours and had spued the last of her $2 pints down her clothing.
Her phone is ruined because it had fallen into the toilet bowl and she fished it out with her hands..and now she's on her way home.
This isn't the first time this has all happened and in fact it's becoming a regular occurrence. But she'd rather be at the pub getting shit faced than at home.

Kezza said...

I'm going to say that on a 9/10 scale she made a complete fool of herself in front of one of the guys she has a crush on at work, then managed to fall over in public and thanks to way too much free grog the comments of her stomach decided to eject themselves, but at least it was memorable.

Am I close?

Kezza said...

comments of her stomach? I mean contents of her stomach, damn morning dyslexia.

Ben said...

Someone's channeling Amy Winehouse for a new movie role... Or did you try Brittney Spears perfume? We all know that smells a bit like chunder.

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG !! Unreal.... I just don't know how she got there...tell us.

phishez said...

MissE - well, it sounds more graceful than the reality!

XL - Am I spouse xl? Why has nobody told me this yet!!!

Kate - Very warm there!

Kez - damn you and your inside info.

Ben - I couldn't be Wino. I have too much taste to wear a beehive!

Cazzie - in the next post sweets.

Professor said...

Well, it sounds like the start of a good novel?????? grittier than chick lit????