Monday, September 01, 2008


What do you do when you walk into an elevator and it smells slightly like someone farted? Do you turn and walk out, or stay and hope its just stale overcrowded elevator smell? Is the smell of a stale overcrowded elevator just stale farts anyway?

I have written something special. Should I not wait and just hit publish?

Why do people like to pick pimples? Do some people not like to do it?

What is your favourite sexual position? What about perversions?

What is your favourite food? Alcoholic beverage? Hell, on a good night they are one and the same.

If you could realistically meet just one blogger. Who would it be?

I have an obsession with my underarms, would you care to explain it?

Boobs are fantastic. Everybody loves boobs. Why do men not have a body part which is as widely adored as boobs?

I've heard of men who don't like blowjobs. Are they a myth?

How do you sit?

Do you have any questions for me?


phishez said...

1) I tend to hold my breath and wonder which one it was.

2) I'm undecided

3) I love it. So wrong but so right.

4) Doggy. Porn.

5) Lasagne with chips and salad. And bourbon.

6) Miss Smack. Hands down.

7) I can't. Its weird.

8) I'd think penis but they are kinda ugly in a functional way.

9) I hope so.

10) I sit with my right leg tucked under my left leg.

xl said...

1) Exit!
2) Publish.
3) Grooming instinct?
4) Grateful for any!
5) Mexican. PiƱa Colada.
6) Everyone on my links list.
7) Nope.
8) That would be very helpful!
9) Haven't heard that myth before.
10) Slouched, usually.

Phishy question:

If money were no object, where in the world would you choose to live?

Effortlessly Average said...

1) Depends on how many floors I have to travel. heh.

2) I'd say publish, but I do the same thing and often do not remove it from draft status. You have no idea how many "draft" posts I have in my list.

3) I think the more interesting question is why do some people like to pick other people's pimples?

4) Position: The one in which she's moaning "oh my god that feels good!" Perversion: Michael Jackson music.

5) Fav food: good, preferably with a beautiful woman. Beverage: Mojito, right now.

6) Damn, that's tough... Maybe the Mighty Dyckerson, just to see if he's as big a jerk in real life as he expects everyone to think he is online. But that would be overridden by a sense of wanting to meet so many hot female bloggers who might want to nail me.

7) Well they say that's the source of many of the pheromone's humans release to attract a mate. So maybe you're hot for yourself.

8) Yes, I love boobs. Yes, good god, yes. heh. But men don't have a part like that cuz if they did, they'd never do anything but play with it.

9) I think this is a myth, like Bigfoot or a "fair and balanced" Fox news program. Personally I don't think much tops it, except maybe reciprocating on her.

10) Bending your knees while leaning slightly forward at the hips, then letting your body fall back in what can be called a 'controlled crash' into the chair.

11) I have a question. Two actually: a) can I see your boobs and b) will you go out with me?

Kezza said...

Oooooh, minefield!

1. Hold your breath and exit at the next floor.

2. Hit publish damn you I wanna read it!

3. I'm a fan, but I won't touch anyone elses

4. I don't know the names for positions but I could show you... there is a bit of scissor action involved though.

5. My favorite beverage in beer, fave food would have to be... beer, its the breakfast of champions.

6. Hard to choose, I've already met you so I'm lucky enough - anyone on my blogroll actually their all fab.

7. I have no idea, I have an obsession with cock, explain that one.

8. I don't know about anyone else but there are a few boy bits I adore, it's still not the same as my fascination with hooters though.

9. They exist alright, and they're freaks

10. On my arse usually

11. Could you pass the salt?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I didn't like BJ's until I met my wife.

My favorite drink? A frozen margarita, of course.

Professor said...

1. hold my breath
2. I don't know why to do or not- pus love or aversion?
3. Right now- ANY. Perversions- a bit of a smack and tickle
4. Steak or paste- frozen strawberry margarita
5. Redneck Nerdboy or Irb or you.
6. They should always looks clean and smooth
7. Penises are funny looking but useful
8. yes
9. Like a lady
10. Are you ever planning a trip to the States on holiday?

Clyde said...

Fav position is IN
Perversion---Public Sex
Food, cheese---drink, champagne
Meet one Blogger---Hmm, CBI to smack him or Fanny to look into those eyes
There is nothing like boobs
A guy who doesnt like a blowjob---shit, I dont believe it

Anonymous said...

1. ewww I'd probably just hold my breath...
2. hit publish
3. I don't know, but I can't NOT do it! I wish I could leave them alone... but as soon as I see it, it MUST GO!!
4. on my stomach, with him behind. yay
5. Sushi! Strawberry margaritas!
6. Probably Steph...
7. that's weird...
8. Boobs are amazing. I like to play with mine sometimes, now that they are a little bigger. Penis is fun though. I could play with penis for a long time too...
9. I can turn a blow-job hater into a lover. It's a guarantee.
10. same way as you do.
11. On what date is it ok to sleep with someone? Third? Tenth? First...?

Ben said...

1) Fix eyes on the best looking person in the elevator (male/female - doesn't matter)and mutter loudly "You filthy stinking fucker"

2)Wait... let it sit and mature. Don't accidentally delete it though.

3)It's worse when your partner likes to pick yours. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

4)It's sex... they're all good.

5)Food - 5am drunken breakfast on the Fortitude Valley Mall. Drink - Happy hour scotch and dry.

6)Andy Towle - hot as

7)It's called a fetish. There are many magazines to help you out.

8) I don't like boobs. They bore me. A fine set of legs on a man or woman is the best.

9) I dated one. Didn't like getting them or giving them. It was strange. And rather boring.

10) Elegantly.

unique_stephen said...

elevator > Whatever, people fart, get over it already.

publish > I've been strapped to the publish or perish wheel as a scientist - so I'm all for waiting.

pimples > Big long pussy coils are my fave. Youtube pimples - ewwwwwww.

position > girl on my face and another blowing me

perversions > voyeurism

food > green chiken curry.

Alcoholic beverage > Chimay Blue or anything with tequila

If you could realistically meet just one blogger > you'll do, but if we are talking unrealistically - now I'm thinking of a blogland orgy

underarms > is it a sensual thing, perhaps some sort of formative thing going wrong

boobs > I got something to show you your going to adored.

blowjobs > perhaps if given by another bloke. but even then it is probably a myth.

sit > Broken hearted then get in an elevator

Question(s) > does sperm in you mouth taste weird after you clean your teeth - like orange juice does?

Question(s) > I'm at a loss to explain why there are no urban myth cocktails which include sperm as an ingredient. They'd have to have some funky name.