Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts, gifts, gifts

Christmas is tricky. Very tricky. There's the whole 'what do I get...?' and 'what if they don't get me anything?' Well, I managed to get my workmates something they always enjoy... FOOD! I made a cookies and cream cheesecake for them. It was absolutely delicious and shit easy to make. If you want the recipe email me and I'll send it. And I supplied a massive bowl of cherries for them too. Mostly because I buy a box of cherries each year at this time, but partially because I'm too stingy to buy them each something individually. Recession etc etc.

Well this cheesecake was so massive we each had a double helping, then we fed it to two other departments and then I took it upstairs and left it in the fridge with a 'help yourself' note attached. Seriously. Nommy.

So I'm left with one more group of people to give a gift to. And that's you guys. My very special and much loved readers. For you guys I have the perfect gift. Something that you always love. So stay tuned. I'm working hard on this one for you.


Kitty said...


sparsely kate said...

Um, you're skinning the cats?

JUST JOKING PHISHY! I know you love your purry friends.

Have a happy Christmas and even though my eyes lit up when you mentioned a cheesecake recipe I will do the right thing and NOT email you for it. My thighs and chins do not need cookies and cream cheesecake, no they do not.

merry one to you too babes. x

Fanny F said...

The perfect gift. Can I guess? Hmmm can you eat it? Does it have any calories? What happens if you shake it? Can you use it in the bath?

Sweet Cheeks said...

Food is a gift that co-workers never say no to. I'm sending you my address for the recipe please. Thanks!
Merry Almost Christmas! :)

Kezza said...

I looooooove cheesecake, but fuck the recipe, could you send me a slice?

Now as for the pressie to bloggers... Is it a toaster you can take in the bath? I always figured that might be handy for some reason! Wait, its boobs isn't it? I always love me some good rackage!

fingers said...

I'd be happy with anything Phish.
As long as it's not a fucking Scrabble desk calendar.
Merry XMAS, baby...


Ms Smack said...

I'm just happy that you're still blogging. That's my gift!

We've had a big year, fuct and non-fuct in many ways.

Here's to another! As much as I want want want that cheesecake recipe, I will have to pass. All that dairy will make me shit for a week!


Cazzie!!! said...

That cheesecake sounds DEVINE! I will email you for the recipe :)
As for our gift, you give it with every comment, I enjoy reading your blog, and I am always wrapt when you comment on mine... one day we ought to meet, and have a wine or two :)

Steph said...

I adore cheesecake!! Lucky fuckers.
Merry Christmas, xx.

Joshua said...

I just got my self a gift. Something I needed for work and wasn't cheap.

So I aint getting people anything. Well, ok a few of the family.

me driving 1700 miles (about 2700 km) just to see them is my gift to them :P

Ok, I'm a cheapo but I got loans I need to pay off.

Everyone else gets a hug! ;)

Josh said...

Merry Christmas Phishy!