Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm confused.

About a week ago I got asked to a music festival by the guy who inspired this. Oh hell yes! Excitement much? Well, I checked out the site for the festival. And saw the ticket price. Outside of my price range. I email boy to tell him, and suggest movies as a cheaper alternative.

The next day I get a response. He ignored the request for a movie, and reiterated the music festival. I investigated further and thought a little bit. Yeah, I guessed I could do it. I checked out the site, no tickets available. I tell boy and he laments. Heaps of people going, going to be stacks of fun, he wants me to go etc, etc. More tickets have gone on sale, but I really can't go. Can someone offer an explanation? Why would he be so keen to hang out, but not want to go to a movie?

I need root canal. Again. And I'm confused about that too. I thought it was the tooth that had previously been done. And I'd lose it. Should I be excited about getting to keep my tooth, or disappointed that I will be forking out a buttload of money to keep another?

*sigh* The painkillers are addling my brain.

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