Monday, January 19, 2009


It has been confirmed. Someone from work is reading me. I don't know who. It is quite the mystery. But they're trawling my archives. Seriously, don't you have work to do? Um. Yeah. If you could just let me know who you are, that would be nice.

Ayway. Apart from that its business as usual. The post I pulled was about a friend of mine at work. No biggie. I'm still going to post as per usual. I just may remove some posts about public vomiting. BRB. Actually, it was quite a funny post. I'll leave it up.

Part of the last post was about me needing another round of root canal.

So I had to leave work early today. I had to get root canal. Again. I was in agony. I was literally hanging out for that giant needle. It was a relief when I got it. It proceeded normally, I guess. It was much less painful than last time, but my dentist (who is an angel, and worked her lunch break to help me out) said there was a fair bit of blood, so it might take a while to settle. Tonight will tell. But nothing could be as bad as last night. I was literally writhing and screaming in agony. Poor cat. She kept trying to comfort me and kept getting slapped off the bed. Must give her cuddles tonight to make up for it.

Anyhoo, as I was trying to make a claim from my health fund something very strange happened. My 'no limit' preventative dental, got declined... because I had gone over my limit. Humm. Ok. I spent just under an hour on the phone trying to get them to tell me where exactly it was written that I had a limit. They were not able to produce this evidence. Then half an hour on the phone to the ombudsman. And then half an hour writing a letter of complaint. Which they will fax off to the health fund.



The Mutant said...

Anything to do with teeth is a misery for sure. I hope yours is feeling much better soon. Of course things aren't particularly helped along by health insurance which doesn't want to help (then again when does an insurance company ever want to help?). As for your mysterious work colleague, I suggest they remain in the shadows, a long term mystery like the great Santa scandal or "who is the Stig?"

Then again they could just reveal themselves, that'd make things much easier!

unique_stephen said...

Be nice to your pussy

Anonymous said...

Just what you need! urgh.

I'm sorry you have had a shitty time with toothaches and internet mysteries and all that stuff. Happy days are on the horizon!!

Epskee said...

A work stalker? That can't be good....

Everything with teeth is terrible. But when your limitless limit runs out, you know you have a problem!

Keep pushing that Phish, my MV insurer is scamming me right now, don't let the bastards win, its what you pay for. Go team!

Ms Smack said...

Hope you're feeling better soon and the person from work who is reading you has the courage to stop hiding behind his/her monitor soon.

To read someone's blog, from your real life, is like finding your journal. There is a moral responsibility to tell them that you've found it.

Ms Smack said...

Phish, you know that site, with the willies that people sent in?

It's still my fave site. I love guessing who is who. I have no idea on any of the, but I wanted to say THANKS For leaving it up.

I still perv on it alot.


Anonymous said...

oh babe.... i had root canal a year ago

i can still to this day feel

in fact, i can feel the exact sort of pain that it was

oh.............. sorry not very comforting. but you have full sympathy, empathy, here!

Memphis Steve said...

I hate my dentist. It doesn't matter what I do, he always claims I have a cavity. Just one. And he needs to drill. He is just raping my insurance. So I never go. Last time I saw him he said I hadn't been in 7 years. And after 7 years do you know what he found? One cavity. Yes, just one, which his assistant did not see. Because it wasn't there. Bastard. Anyway, if all I have wrong after 7 years is one cavity that wasn't even real, what do I need him for?

Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better now that the root canal is over and done with.