Monday, September 11, 2006

Bitch, moan and complain.

Yes, you heard me. ALL THREE. About 10 times over. Todays topic... work. Or work ethics. Or a lack thereof.

Last week was hell with flourescent lighting. We have been having staffing issues of late. And by that I mean UNDERstaffing issues. And when I say of late I mean about FOUR months. Of 7 positions we have 5 staff members. And thats 7 FULL ON positions. We're split over two sections. There's three in my section, and two in the other. And last week, in my section, one person was on holidays, and the other person was at a conference the last three days. So it was my supervisor, Mr Bare-Minimum, and myself. He had three of my four normal areas, while I had the areas belonging to the one on holidays, and when the other went to the conference I took her normal areas too. PLUS all of my normal autoclave preparations. It was exhausting. Physically and mentally to say the least. I wasn't finishing until the whistle blew. But I never complained.

Today I went into my normal areas and find that Mr BM is an overstatement for this guy. I left instructions in the diary for everything. I always do, even for myself. So I NEVER forget anything. He hadn't changed any water bottles or room filters. In ANY of the rooms. In one room I found a massive oversight. That I had written in the diary to watch out for. This then makes my job alot harder as I had to estimate when it happened, and I may not wean the babies on time. It may be too early or too late. If its too early, then the babies will not have the same immune system or growth compared to the others. If she's pregant soon after, and I mistime weaning, I can have newborns and weaners still together. Lots of potential for disaster there.

In another room I find fighting animals that should really have been sparated last week.

In the other area that he took over I literally had to crank out the elbow grease and cleaners to scrub filth from the animal pens. At 20 minutes to knock off.

The thing that really bites, is that Mr BM was complaining to the people who share our facility that I have no right to complain or take so long about my job. Which is utter CRAP and they all know it. Even though they didnt say anything to him at the time. I work damn hard and I'm quick. In the time he took to change one room I normally have it cleaned, all the paperwork is done, the waterbottles are changed and the floor is disinfected.

He also boasted that he had FOUR rooms PLUS the communal clean that happens at the end of each day. Which is bullshit. He only checked the other room three times. By that logic I had 7 rooms. And he did no communal clean. I did. And I did ALL of the autoclaving preparation for my department. His boast was my standard week, and he didn't even do that.

I need a holiday, or a new job. I have a holiday coming up (one work day left in fact), but I don't think that it will be enough.

Careerone here I come.


dirk.mancuso said...


There is one of these people on every job. If you're lucky. (I have about a half dozen.)

And no matter how MUCH you do, they'll take the credit, pass the blame, and feel infinitely superior the whole time they are slacking.

phishez_rule said...

I dont really care what they do with their time. So long as it doesnt affect me. It is widely known among our department that he is a slacker and spends most of his day playing solitaire. Never bothered me. Until I had to pick up that slack.