Friday, September 15, 2006

Holidays with Phish pt.1

So I'm on holidays. About damn time too. The last two days at work SUCKED balls, and arse. All at the same time. But I'm not going into that. Cuz I'm on holidays and don't need to think about that shite.

What I am going to think about is what I'm going to tell you here.

I have spent a fair bit of time in transit ove the last few days. Travelling to the airport. Flying to Melb, and on public transport to visit a high school mate today. And I have come to the following conclusions.
  1. American express is predatory. Coming through the security check into the actual gates everybody goes down an escalator. And Amex has a stand there to prospect out potential suckers. Sorry, customers. Cue phishy walking through, following two people. Amex guys thinking 'middle aged businessman. No. Young businesswoman in a suit. Pass. Young single white female - go!Go!!GO!!!' 'Excuse me ma'am...' I could see him casing me out as I went through the metal detectors. And as I approached he was practially salivating. It was kinda like watching a shark pick out its prey. If sharks could salivate. And its prey could defend itself by not looking at it and responding with a 'not interested'.
  2. I like Melbourne's public transport better than Sydneys. Sure Sydney's carry more. But the trains are old and smelly and always crowded. Even when your the only one in the carriage. Melbourne trains are open and airy. And, unless someone is standing, always look inviting. Except the seat next to the fat tattoo'd bloke with shorts that are waaay too tihgt, or have bits falling out the side. And theres the added bonus that ONE ticket will cover you for ALL trains, buses and trams in your set zones. OF WHICH THERE ARE ONLY THREE. So one ticket can cover you for all public transport in, around, and occasionally far from the city. Fact! And then there are the trams. They are so cool. Potentially deadly, but very cool. They are such a novelty to non-Melbournites.
  3. I was thinking I could drive in Melbourne. That its not much different from driving in Sydney. And then I saw someone do a hook turn. And I thought 'I was wrong'.

Sure to blog about in the next few days;

Tomorrow* - the wedding

Sunday* - meeting with Kez

Sometime soon* - post from my sister. Get thinking babe!

*Blogging is unlikely to be done on those days, except for the 'sometime soon bit'. Cuz thats not a day.


Steph said...

I adore Melbs and could definately live there too.
Oh yeah, as long as i could learn to do a hook turn. Deadly.

phishez_rule said...

Yeah deifinitely a livable city. But its too close to the family. Might have to go a bit further north next time.