Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get well soon mom!

I've been sick. Again. Its not enough to be sick during my holidays. Now I have a secondary infection, in all of its green mucousy, vomtastic, drug taking glory.

It was my first day back at work from my big holiday. And about 20 minutes in I'm making like I hadn't seen the toilet bowl at work in YEARS. I gave it a big cuddle. Then went and made myself a doctors appointment and now have three more days off work.

So I went home, dosed up on all the drugs I could find, which was, alas, a very poor selection, and put myself to bed. And I'm lying there, all sick, and achey and felling like badness, when Boots brings me a present to cheer me up. She comes into the room with this thing in her mouth, leaps onto the bed, and drops it.

For those of you who need assistance to interpret the picture. It is the cap off a shaving gel can. It still has soap scum on the inside, and must have been on the floor of my mould encrusted shower for some time before she discovered its delights. Its fun to push around, see.

I’m honoured that she chose to share this very special, most disgusting gift with me.


jeut said...

Ahhh... post-travel sickness. im quite familiar with it. personally I like to blame the airline food (but only from Qantas - all other airline food ive had was wonderful) but in reality, i hear it's got something to do with the fact youre all relaxed after finishing a holiday and your body lets its guard down. something like that.

i just came back from a short holiday myself, actually. hence the absence. :) Thankfully i didnt fall ill upon returning home.

Me said...

Get well soon. :)

Steph said...

Ohh ya poor wee thing.
As someone just recovering from the badness, i wish you a speedy recovery.

((non germy hugs))

phishez_rule said...

Jeut - It was also travelling sickness. The 'post' bit was a secondary infection that took my poor battered respiratory tract and steamrolled it. Ouch.

Me - Thanks. Am feeling better now. Though I keep getting told I still look sick :$

Steph - non germy hugs!!! They's the best kind.