Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Part 2

How awesome are holidays. I have had the most fun down south. And I have come up with the following conclusion – I love Melbourne!

My time in Melbourne has been quite busy. Friday consisted of spending time with one of my high school mates. Then going to see rello’s. Followed by quality time out with my cousin and his mates at the elephant and wheelbarrow. And let me tell you girls and gays – the lead singer in that band was hotter than instant coffee. And I’ll bet he tasted better too. My cousins mates weren’t sure about the capacity in which I was present. And I was fine to let them wonder. It meant that I didn’t have to worry about peeling various hands from various body parts all night long. I looked damn hot too.

The wedding was amazing. It was my first. The bride looked amazing, naturally. I spent most of the time catching up with the bridesmaid. Another mate of mine from school. My one regret about the wedding was that I couldn’t the there for the hens night or engagement party. I was so looking forward to the big day, and it was over so damn fast it was depressing. Plus I didn’t actually get to talk much to the bride. I’m not worried or offended. I’m honored that I was chosen to go.

It was quite amusing though. Because I didn’t know anybody there, I made some friends reeaal fast. We went to the pub for a few drinkies between the ceremony and the reception. And it turns out that some of the guys that I went along with, and shared a table with at the reception, had been out at the same pub as I the previous night. In fact, one of them looked damn familiar. The kind of familiarity that begins with being watched. That sounds more creepy than it was. This guy was watching me at the E&W, waiting for the tall dark haired guy to leave my side. What are the odds of that? Then he was really chatting me up at the wedding. Having gone there by myself I kinda stuck out like a sore thumb during the couple dances. So he’d come over and chat to me. At the end of the night he was encouraging me to go out with them all. And then he told me if he ever came to Sydney he’d look me up. And I should do the same next time I was down in Melbourne. What are the odds of THAT?!?

Blogger, I heart you! Because of your wonderful communication medium, I was able to see Kez, and even go shoe shopping, without having to worry about catching up on the past five years. So it was immediately into conversations about blokes and commitment and baby shoes.

I have also noticed something else that is very peculiar about Melbourne. The train lines (or, in the very least the line I was traveling on) are not fenced off. They have roads, running along a very wide nature strip, and then bam! The train line. Or car parks at the station, where gravel runs right up to the curb.

So I’ve come to the sedate (read: boring) country. Where there is nothing to do, and all the time in the world to do it! I’ve bummed around the house, and gone out with a high school mate. And I’ve been thoroughly bored. My little home town, where nothing ever changes. Where you will still find your high school ‘male friend’ working the same dead end job, still being a knuckle dragger. I occasionally go in and ogle it. Only occasionally. Because sometimes a girl needs to be reminded about why she has her standards. And it works to kill the libido when its getting out of hand.

Coming soon – nose rings and snot regulation AND the joys of fake tanning moisturizer! Stay tuned folks. I’m learning lots on my holidays.


Steph said...

Nothing beats holidays.
So glad you're getting to relax and have fun.

Disappearing Boy said...

Melbourne wroooox ! :) I lived there for two years - would STILL be there if the job situation in Victoria hadn't been so awful in late 2000 (and still is, I believe). Alas, a girl's gotta live, you know ...

phishez_rule said...

Steph - its about damn time too!!!

DB - yes, a girl does have to live. Is there something your not telling us???