Thursday, December 14, 2006

What does one do with mancandy?

So the guy at work is an UBER hottie! We were working together today. And as usual conversation is very limited to work. NOT. Public transport, Christmas plans and new years etc. I did quiz him though, to find out if he had 'anything better' to be doing, rather than spending it with his family. And he said no. Nothing better to do. Which I interpret to be 'no girlfriend I'd rather be spending the day with'.

I have next Monday off. I was going to make cheesecake to bring in as a Christmas gift to everybody on Tuesday. However, now methinks I shall bring it in on Wednesday instead. Certain hot occasional-workmates will be down just before morning tea on Wednesday. And it gives me a reason to invite him to join us for it. It also gives me a reason to show off my cooking skills (this cheescake is DIVINE) and thus garner a compliment. It also gives me a longer time to flirt with the guy, over a very non-work discussion.

And maybe, just maybe, ask him out.

I'm a wuss though.


Me said...

Oh! Do it!!!

GhostRose said...

Hmmmm.....cheesecake. Oooooh. Ask him out. And post pictures! No one at my work is good looking. :-(

Mist said...

Have another employee pass him a note asking him if he likes you. You know, high school style.

phishez_rule said...

Me - I want to... but WUSS.

Ghostrose - Hi there. And a request for pics was made months ago when this guy first walked into my life.

Mist - With a box for 'yes' and a box for 'no'

Desirea Madison said...

I wouldn't ask him out. I would tell him that I made the cheesecake on that specific day instead of another day because I knew he would be around to enjoy a slice. He will get the hint.

Steph said...

Just do it. Life is too friggin short.
Have a crack at him. :P

Chuck said...

Don't wuss out on us. We have confidence in you. : )

phishez_rule said...

Desi - I don't think this guy would ask unless his life depended on it. I see that quality in him because I have it too.

Steph - yeah, as your recent experiences will tell. Welcome back. If not in one piece - then several stuck back together.

Chuck - someone has too :P