Monday, June 09, 2008


Its funny, but at the other place of blogging, I posted rarely. Not even once a week. I've been back here for just over a week and three posts churned out already!

I just saw Sex and the City. Now, I must confess, I am not a fan of the series. Indeed, I've only seen literally half an episode. But this movie I had to see. If for the fashion alone. And I LOVED it.

I laughed. I cried. Sometimes at the same time. That scene with Charlotte - priceless!

A few weeks ago a uni mate was visiting from Darwin. And she made several comments about me being similar to Sam. Mostly because of the toy obsession (I took her shopping, burnt and even gave her some of my DVD collection). And the penchant for lots of hot sex. And the Krispy Kreme thing. Seriously, those donuts are like comparing rabbit vibes to a slimline. Just not the same league.

And I've come to the realisation (I'm sure I've blogged that line a million times before) that I AM like Sam. Just half her age. And twice as stupid. But yes, I can see that in 25 years I'll be more established in my career. Networking? I do that like I breathe. You want something? Just ask good ole' phishy and she can sort in in one phone call. I can be a ball buster at times, and at the life stage I'm in, I can just see that just becoming worse. It sucks but right now its break or be broken at work. And I'm just not a breakee. I even liked her fashion better too. Like, I really liked her fashion.

Your Score: Samantha are most like

You are most like Samantha - the sexpot. You like your men young and hot. Hopefully you can find one as hot as Smith was. And you are a good friend - especially when your friends need advice about sex!

Link: The Which SATC character are you Test

And one thing I want to ask - how did such damn hot, sucessful high flying women get with such average guys? Like, Seriously! I guess it wouldn't be real otherwise.

Must get the box set.


Ms Smack said...

I totally loved it and must complete my collection now. I can't WAIT to buy the film too!!

A year ago, you couldn't buy the box set here. NOW, it's selling for $200 again. Tempted!!

Great summary and rapt that you're back here. It feels right!

phishez_rule said...

You know you can get the box set for $170 from ezydvd. I think they also do free shipping at that price too!

kelly said...

I love that you are back! yay!!

I wrote a post on SATC yesterday, but probably won't post it until tomorrow.

BTW... LOVE the new layout! So much better!!

fingers said...

Oh FFS, Phish.
Now I have to go back into html and re-edit your fucking link again.
Stand still...

yrautca said...

Sorry but you couldnt pay me enough to watch that movie.

Anonymous said...

I was actually hugely disappointed by the film. It was stellar in parts (the flower-whacking and Charlotte's emphatic NO!) but to me it seemed like a bit of a rush job.

I missed the character development and the analysis of the show. The girls and their men seemed more like caricatures to me this time around. But you can't please everyone, I guess!