Saturday, June 07, 2008

Welcome back/So much work!

I have to get this blog up and running again. I'm bringing across all of the posts from bitchtasm to here, date stamped to their original publish date.

I have to get my links up again.

I have to reinstall all of my widgets.

I have to put a sidebar in so that I have somewhere to put links and widgets.

I have to find a new template. I love this one, but for the life of me I cannot stand that the page for each individual post doesn't show the comments. I do like this theme, so if anyone finds something similar, please let me know! I can always reinstall the pic at the top.

Ok. The last few months in a nutshell
  • Still living in the same place
  • Having serious dental issues
  • Was seeing Overflow for a total of three months. When it ended he didn't even want to know my name. Asshat!
  • I'm still playing but am kind of over it.
  • Still dancing, but have dropped one night a week. Was going to start belly dancing (flab wobbling, lol) but can't afford it. Can't wait for the next dance term to start so I can get another night in.
  • Got demoted at work. Then the next day I got a new job. Better pay, fantastic location, chance for promotion. In short have gone from a paycheck to a possible career.
  • Have 24 working days left at the current hell hole. Will blog about this soon. Some serious shit still going on and will need advice from bloggers.
Ok. Its time to start "work".


Sumiko said...

congrats on your new job

Trundling Grunt said...

Glad to see you back - my advice is not to take any of my advice. It works for me.

Professor said...

Love that Bra!!!!!!

And this template is lovely!

Josh said...

Now I've got to update my blogroll *again*! But you're worth it. :) Great profile pic, btw!

Effortlessly Average said...

Hey, welcome back. And love the new look. I couldn't read the font on the last one sometimes. heh.

Oh, and need any help washing off the sharpie?

Ms Smack said...

LOVE that your back! Great blog template, great colours, design, love it!!


yrautca said...

congrats on new job.

Clyde said...

Good to see you back
New Job---New blog
Good luck