Sunday, June 08, 2008


Fuck I hate TV. Seriously. There is sweet fuck all on. I really only watch three TV programs - Scrubs, Greys and House. And I hate, repeat, HATE reality TV. I'd rather wipe my arse with a cactus than watch BB or Survivor. And don't even get me started on game shows? Do they search for these people out of Centrelink offices? I do, however have a dirty little secret.

I don't mind gladiators. I started watching it because one of the guys I went to uni with was on it. It does give me the shits like all other TV programs, but it has a perk.


Is that not the kind of face (and body) that a girl just craves to see lying prone on her bed, covered in sweat, struggling to breathe and maybe twitching a little bit in his post orgasmic bliss? PHWOAR!


kimba said...

yes.. yes it is phish..

yrautca said...

yay new blog with same name. this is much better than your wordpress thingy which is really difficult to read and comment on.

i like the new blog. keep it!

Sumiko said...

i think i'd have to cut his hair first but yes, definitely!!