Sunday, October 08, 2006


I so don't understand guys. Especially where alcohol is involved. Its seriously not even funny. But rest assured, I'll try to make it as humorous as possible.

I've had a rather shitful week. PMS + biatch at work does not equal happy. Had quite a clash on Wednesday. Came home, and promptly went out again. No time to blog and complain. And frankly, who wants to hear it? I didnt want to be stuck in my own brain that night. So I went, and paid my money, and sat in the dark and got pummelled with somebody elses ideas. Yes, thats right. I went to the movies. Saw The Devil Wears Prada. Which I LOVED! This whole being out of the house was such a new and novel idea for me, that I decided it should be followed up with more outings, as soon a possible. Of four nights I was out for three! Huzzah!

Last night was a cack. Me, my housemate, and her bestie from school went out. Dressed up, cleavage and party earring OUT. Two of our party had boyfriends, and I have never been interested in picking up radoms. So every guy who appraoched us was quickly sent on his way. Most of them rather abruptly. And heres ONE of the things I dont get. We were happily dancing by ourselves. And these guys would come up and dance with us. I'm fine with that. Just dont try to touch me. Occasionally we'd get these guys who would try to dance on us. They'd quickly get sent on their way with the phishez rejection special. The kicker lies here ==> they'd be offended. Like we asked them to apporach us and attempt to rub their genitals on us.

So we decided to head home. There were just us three girls in the car. I was driving. We obvioulsy hadn't picked up that night. And at two consecutive sets of light I had guys trying to chat me up from the car next to me. The first was while I was paying out a taxi driver who had entered an intersection on the red arrow, and then sat in said intersection, refusing to actually take the turn. And as I took off from the lights he bellowed out the wondow 'How ya goin?'. The most original and enticing pick up line of all. It was all I could do to not stop the car and throw my underwear at him.

When the second guy started I thought there might have been something wrong with my car. Why else would I have two guys in a row attempting to talk to me, through a window, when I was obviously talking to the passengers in my car? So I wound down the window. And got asked where we were heading to. Replied 'home', and wound the window up, resuming conversation
with my passengers. Apparently that was not obvious enough. Because he kept asking me to wind down the window, so he could chat me up.

It must have been obvious that despite all of our best efforts, we had failed to pick up, and were heading home to be by ourselves. Of course we were so grateful that these guys were considerate enough to try to alleivate our lonliness at such a late hour, when they were heading home themselves.

Entertainment is always appreciated.

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Desirea Madison said...

Are all Aussie men so bold?