Sunday, October 29, 2006

The night that was

Saturday night was awesome!! So it was more of a 'gathering' than 'party'. Not enough people to play trick and treat. But I still had fun. So much fun that we're going to have a do-over this weekend.

Highlights include

  • Decorating, including bringing out the inaugral 'party flamingo'
  • Playing 'pin the nose on the pumpkin'
  • Asking everybody to get a towel out of the laundry. Unbeknownst to them that we had filled it with balloons! And by the end of the night telling everybody that it was our balloon storage area. Turns out that every balloon contained a bad spirit and by confining them to one area we limited all of the bad that they could do.
  • The half hour I was a 'devilatrix', until I decided breathing was way more important than looking hot. The fact that every time I laughed I split a seam on my corset was also a deciding factor.
  • Setting the popcorn on fire
  • Watching my housemate try to crush an egg with one hand.
  • Picking up all of the ballons and putting them in the shower as a surprise for my housemate when she goes to have her shower in the morning.

Decorations, and the personal bar of me and Robyn

Percy the Party Flamingo


It was popcorn

The morning after...


Anonymous said...

Ohly guacamole...that's some seriously burnt popcorn. ;)

Love the costume.


Chuck said...

Sorry I missed it!! It looks like it was great.

Professor said...

this looks great- wish I was there!

poody said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!