Monday, October 23, 2006

Random Hilarity Ensues

We're having a party. Finally. Its a housewarming. I've only lived here since June. We decided to make it a halloween theme. We are going to decorate, and dress up, drink and play games. One of the games we're playing is called "Trick and Treat". Basically we're going to buy some damn expensive, individually wrapped chocolates. And put an instruction inside the wrapper, to make people act in odd and random ways. Should be fun. Some of the rules for our little game are as follows.

  1. Accepting a chocolate means you accept the challenge
  2. The trick is hidden in the treat wrapper
  3. if you do not complete the challenge an appropriate punishment will be meted out by the hostesses
  4. Do not let anybody know your challenge
  5. Challenges must not be completed within one metre of the snack table, OR within 10 minutes of accepting the challenge
  6. Maximum two challenges at a time.
  7. All treats are handled with gloves. Some may have been licked. Don’t ask.
  8. if there is no suggestion as to how many times/how long the trick must go for, it is over within an hour
  9. When the challenge is completed you can stick the piece of paper here* (just so people don’t think your normally weird). You must wait at least 10 minutes from the completion of the task to stick it up.

Some of the tricks we have are:

  • Kiss at least 4 people on the hand/wrist. At least one of these people must be of the same sex as you. You must have met one of these people tonight.
  • Leave a conversation abruptly with a statement that ‘I just farted”
  • Sing and dance a nursery rhyme (eg itsy bitsy spider, or I’m a little teapot).
  • Find out someone’s middle name and refer to them using it for the entire night
  • Make as many people as possible growl (grr…)
  • Convince somebody that you are gay (or, if you are gay, that you are straight)
  • High five everybody
  • Announce each time you go to the bathroom. (this will be funnier if you pick one random person and tell them every time) for the whole night. You may accept two challenges if you want.
  • Compliment somebody on their toes
  • Follow somebody around until they ask you what you are doing
  • Laugh at everything somebody says for five minutes
  • Take a drink from somebody, take a sip, and give it back. Do this three times.
  • Use the word mushroom as many times as possible during the night
  • Tell someone that they have ‘shiiny’ skin
  • Enter 3 conversations with ‘have you ever… killed a man before’
  • Tell someone that you’ve been staring at their butt, while they are talking to other people
  • Initiate a game of chinese whispers
  • Pinch 5 people on the cheek and claim they are beautiful
  • Dance when no one else is
  • Tell someone ‘I have arms’
  • Enter a conversation and only talk about yourself until the other person/somebody leaves
  • Do the exaggerated drunk ‘[insert name here], I luv u’
  • Point to the nearest person NOT in costume and start a chant of ‘strip, strip, strip’
  • Strip (to underwear) and/or kiss someone on the mouth
  • Take a bite from a chocolate, wrap it up again, and put it back in the bowl
  • Smell people
  • Start a game of chubby bunny
  • Select a random person. Every time they talk, interrupt them
  • Quote as many movies as possible
  • Enter a conversation and ask if anybody wants to give you 6 condoms. If asked why say you’re doing a survey
  • Tell people ‘I am well maintained’/’I maintain myself well’
  • Start a conversation about pubic hair
  • Tell a group of people the hokey pokey is what its all about, and do the motions

We want more ideas along these lines. So pitch in everybody! Lets make normal people weird!

*On the instruction poster.


Steph said...

Oh Jebus, I am SHITE at thinking up stuff like that. I'll ask around though and hopefully some loons who visit my blog will pop over and offer some.

Jana_no1 said...

What about,

Serenading someone of the opposite sex with Billy-Ray Cirus' 'Don't Tell My Heart"

phishez_rule said...

Steph - Thanks so much babe

Jana - that is so going on the list!!!

waygon112 said...

How about....

If you're a guy, annouce you're wearing breifs, boxers, etc..etc..

If you're a girl, thong, g-string etc..etc..

annouce this every time you start a conversation

Jana_no1 said...

what about convince someone at the party to give you something they are wearing, or convince someone to swap clothes (not undies) with yours.

Professor said...

Some have been licked? LMAO and that's a lotta laughing!

A for ideas...I'm plum out but I'll come up with something...I'll be back- you have been warned.

Chuck said...

Phishez, That party sounds like a blast!!! Can I come? : )

mist1 said...

I don't know what chubby bunny is. Do I want to know?

Desirea Madison said...

Turn your back on anyone that steps toward you.

This is hilarious. I want to come to your party!

Anonymous said...

How about, convince at least one other person that you've fanasized about sex with a farm animal. ;)


Anonymous said...

I really want to go to your party now. Those are stinkin' hilarious.

I imagined myself doing many of those and laughed aloud at almost all of them.

If you made those up, I applaud your sense of humor.

Have fun!

How about this one:
Walk around with your zipper open and if someone tells you, say "Oh crap, I hope it didn't get out!" and then wander around acting like your looking for your pet hamster Cuddles.

phishez_rule said...

waygon - that is one hell of an ice breaker

jana - could work

prof - i suppose its the thought that counts.

chuck - if you can get here in time you're more than welcome. I'll just imagine your here instead.

mist - its when you try to cram as many marshmallows in your mouth and still be able to clearly say 'chubby bunny'

desirea - thats the spirit

steve - that idea isn't original is it? You've already done that.

Billofbrothers - yes it willbe fun. And thanks for the idea

poody said...

Chubby bunny?? Are ya'll dressing up as in costumes? I go to a huge Haloween party every year. I am going as a nun this year. I have made the costume,have a ruler , and one of those mexican candle jars that I have cleaned out and will fill with vodka or as I like to call it holy water. Every year in Austin they close down 6th street downtown and everyone walks along the promonande. It is a see and be seen thing. I like your party idea.Most of the ones I know involve drinking. I do stay home till 9pm to pass out the trick or treat candy. You gotta love a holiday where you can dress up like your favorite superhero and go door to door asking strangers for candy!Are you having a best costume prize?