Monday, November 20, 2006

How not to meet your neighbours.

I'm having a shite day. My subconcious has hit self destruct. Please ginore any spelling mistakes. Too much alcohol plus I gont give a dman anymore. moving on...

The other night my housemate and I were being complete nigels and staying at home on a friday (or Saturday) night. Shut up. It was like, two weeks ago. Who's supposed to remember that far back?

Anyhoo. My roomie comes into my room and tells me there are guys swimming in the pool belonging to the apartment block just over from us. We sit at my window for a bit and watch. Need I say neither of us is getting any? There seem to be five or six guys, young and energetic.

We move out to the balcony and watch for a bit more. Then we come to the conclusion that we're never going to actually meet these guys, and decide to 'interact' a bit more with them. And by that I mean yell shit at them.

Starts off with the very common and rarely misconstrued 'Hi'. Then moves rapidly on to shit like
  • Are you having a party
  • you're hot
  • Are you gay
  • Go you big red fire engine
  • I like peanut butter

Courage is knowing there will be no consequences.

The next day they are swimming in the pool again. But its daylight. We stand in the kitchen and marvel how much the dark can make these ugly, hairy guys look hot. We decided to avoid the balcony for the day.

You know, just in case they looked up and saw us.


mist1 said...

Oh, that's bad. You can never use the balcony again.

Desirea Madison said...

It was dark and maybe you were drinking? They did an ad campaign on the concept that the drunker you get the hotter they look.

Have you ever noticed how ugly people begin to look more attractive if you like their personality?

Anonymous said...

This is very funny. ;)

When you said "Please ginore any spelling mistakes" I had to laugh as well because you speak "Aussie" which I don't and so it got to the point that I couldn't tell whether it was a mispelling or whether it was Aussie!

Anyway, yes, my favorite pickup line is "I like penut butter" (but you have to pronounce it without the 'a')! ;)

Thanks for the chuckle (and several titters).

dirk.mancuso said...

They were hairy? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

(And just because I'm all stoopid and stuff, could you tell me what a "complete nigel" is?)

Darlene said...

Your best bet would probably be to move. Sadly, alcohol makes even the ugly guys hot. Damn, I've learned my lesson the hard way a few times with that one.