Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Its, Its, Its BANALITY

I went into the city to do a favour for a mate. Waiting to be served at the apple store and this guy was talking about his mac book pro. Every sentence it was 'my mac book pro...' It was like he was name dropping it. And it was just as irritating!

I have a phobia of the dentist. Apparently its time to face my fears. Hope he's young and cute. They're a hell of alot easier to face then.

I was talking to a mate of mine from Victoria the other night. She's recently had laproscopic surgery and is in quite a bit of pain. Its recently been her boyfriends birthday and I suggested that seeing as she couldn't give him special cuddles she might give him special kisses. That was out of the question because she gets all jonesed up. I said it that was good because he can give her special kisses in return. And she told me (and I quote) "I can't do that because I've got a hole down there too." Uh, Ange, sweets. I thought that was kinda the point. Turns out they entered from there with the surgery too.

I saw one of my dancing boys at work the other day. It was really quite funny, because we were talking for about 20 seconds, and all of a sudden the penny dropped that I didn't know him from work.

I can cook. No secret. Especially if you read my blog. Which you're doing now. So you should know that. The last two weeks I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten at home. But thinking about dinner tonight was trying to pick what to eat at a favourite restaurant. Should I have the bolognase, or mango chicken, or mean nachos (I call them mean because you'd smack your mother in the face if she got between you and them), or a parmy, or a laksa... The list goes on. Take out doesn't seem to measure up when you're looking at a menu like that.

It can be quite a shit when your family reads your blog.

Jana, I love you to bits, but you will know what its like soon enough, so don't take offense.

There are times when I want to rant and rave about my family. With my family theres a hell of alot to complain about. But when I want to get stuff off my chest most I hold back. Because once I've ranted, I feel better and I normally don't feel like discussing it later on. And when I do talk to her, I know she will want to discuss it.

There are times when I simply don't feel like discussing with ANY family. But am more than happy to tell people who aren't on the inside all the gory details.

I use my blog as a medium to get stuff off my chest. And when its gone I don't want it back.


Jana_no1 said...

Feel free to rant & rave (even about me). I know that it is just getting things out in the open & that you still love me, even if I do irritate you (but only sometimes...)

Professor said...

so maybe those fmaily members who read now will NOT ask you to go back and discuss... hint, hint!

Desirea Madison said...

You could start a new blog with an anonymous name specifically for family rants. Make a comment on my blog with your new identity and I'll be sure to check it out.

phishez_rule said...

Jana - its not you. Its justshit thats small and petty but drives me up the wall that I don't want the people involved to know that it got to me. But if you understand from now I will.

Prof - yeah, I think she got the message :P

Desirea - I don't have enough to rant about to make a new blog