Saturday, November 25, 2006


Oh how I heart time away from work. If i didn't need the money so damn badly I'd have packed it all in by now.

My friend Rach, from uni, is visiting. So I have three days (plus a weekend) away from work. Bliss. Spent yesterday exploring Paddys Market in the city. And got bored by about the second row. Having seen everything by that stage, and was facing the prospect of about 60 more rows of the same clothes, irritating noisy flashing toys, wigs, jewellery, souveniers and bags. Oh, and occasionally there were socks too. If it had a bit of variety it would have been heaven, but... *le sigh*.

I also got to spend the day cathing up with my best friend from high school. Which was awesome. I don't keep in touch with many of them, so any chance to spend decent time with someone that I do... If I didn't already have the time off I'd've taken another Aussie sicke.

So the three of us explored the market, then took a ferry ride, and went back to her hotel and sat around and gossiped with her family. Then we went to dinner at pancakes on the rocks. I heart that place! And there were markets by moonlight there too! Very different to Paddys. The people, the wares for sale, the atmosphere. Must go there again.

Had myself a latin dance class social that night too. So went home, got changed, put on a bare minimum of makeup, and out the door again. Danced my butt away until about midnight. Went home, got changed again and went out clubbing. Dragging my tired arse and weary feet home at three. Then had to wait while the other two showered before I could have my turn. So my head hit the pillow about four.

A very full day in all.


Steph said...

Lordy, I'm tired just reading that.
I didn't leave my flat ALL weekend. It was bliss. I think I'm getting old.

phishez_rule said...

Steph, I think you've been out of your flat enough of late to more than allow you that.