Sunday, February 25, 2007


I'm drunk, and bored. So I played with Google. Whatawaste is there. Hot as ever. I even googled SR and his brother. Since SR was a model you'd expect there to be pictures. Theres not. Shame. He was teh hotness. There is a pic of his brother though. *drools at thought of his perfectly gropable butt*

Hands up if you need to get laid.

*waves hand*

I'm on there. But not as me. Well, once. I'm on there for something that... is irrelevant really. Some people might want to be there, but its not something I'd like to be remembered for.When I was at uni I had my own article on one of the major pages. Guess its not there anymore.

I am here as me though. 'Me' being here. As myself, my own name, I don't apparently exist. But as 'me' I'm here. It sucks. 1,500 times over. Apparently my 'net identity is a bit of a slut.

The fisrt actual reference to this actual site is one of my archives, was this. Which made me more depressed.

And then this followed it immediately after. Which made me laugh.

I'm missing something. Deep inside. And I want it back. But I don't know what it was in the first place. I think I'll spend my life looking for something that I can function perfectly fine without.


tkkerouac said...

good blog!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Googling can turn up some interesting stuff. It can also be a way to waste time: getting laid would seem to be a more productive adventure.

I hope your find what you're missing deep inside.

Cazzie!!! said...

Make the time and get to the library and borrow, "The Power of Now" by Eckhardt Tolle. I think you may find what it is you are missing in this book, well, not in this book, but you will discover from yourself what is missing, and you may even perhaps fill that void.
Huggs to you honey, Cazzie the crazy nurse :)

poody said...

Lack of nookie I believe is the symptom you are currently experiencing.

Josh said...

Who is this mysterious SR?

Desirea Madison said...

My blogger name is more famous than my real name too.

phishez_rule said...

tkkerouc - thanks

nick - so do I mate, so do I

Cazzie - I think I need to get out a bit more. I've turned into a hermit. Complete eith my own dusty little shell.

Poody - could be. Go knows I want it

Josh - he's an old fuckbuddy of mine who treated me like shit, and since we took it to 'just friends' I haven't seen him

Desi - nobody will know the real us. On the other hand, some of my live blogbuddies call me phish.