Monday, February 12, 2007


So I've upgraded my template. I got bored with my old one. I might yet change back. But I think change is good. Next up is to update my bloglinks. Some of my 'new blogs' I never visit, and some have turned into daily reads. Some of them have disappeared altogether :( There are also some new links to put up.

I have finally managed to get the last few episodes of Scrubs that I was missing! Hurrah for me!

Its raining. Still. Beautiful soaking rain. Just the type we need to help our concrete paths grow, and slick down our roads. Rain in the city isn't the same. Its still lovely. But its dirty. you dont want it on your skin. When I lived in the country I was known as the girl who would go dancing in the rain. Then the rain was clean and fresh. It was eagerly awaited. You lived and breathed for the rain. When it came it was a cause for celebration. You were going to last tht little bit longer.

I asked myself today 'What happened to the phish who used to dance in the rain'. The truth is she's still there. Its not me who has changed. Its the rain.


Since I switched over to blogger beta I cannot stay signed in. Its a pain in the proverbial. Any hints anybody?

I went over to Westfield to get lunch today. I choose to say it was healthy. And on my way down to level 1 to pick up some non-fat, non-carb Krispy Kreme (I can dream can't I?) I was walking behind a guy wearing a blue workshirt, sleeves rolled up, balck pants and swinging a blue and white striped umbrella. And then a guy, dressed EXACTLY THE SAME with the same FREAKING UMBRELLA walks by in the opposite direction. He was a little shorter, a bit more heavyset and his hair was fractionally lighter.

I was so spun out. The way he was walking, and swinging his umbrella, even the way his sleves were rolled up were EXACTLY THE SAME. And yet they appeared to not notice each other. Weird huh?


And lastly this was linked on another blog, as a result of a comment I left. I found it HILAROIUS. Enjoy.

It still cracks me up.


poody said...

I love the picture and it reminds me of this saying-just read the following outloud do not read it before just outloud now!

Eye Yam Sofa King We Todd Ette.

Professor said...

change is good. and the pic is hilarious!

mist1 said...

I am always afraid that I am the retard.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yup, I freskin'love that picture. I haven't swapped to the new bloffer yet, call me a scaredy cat, coz that's what I am, scared of change, of the unknown :(
Them two guys, if they were girls, woulda screamed and pointed and said, "What are ya doin'dressed same as me..go home and get changed now", bitch fight would ensue...I reckon.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations on the template upgrade. For me, doing it was quite a job.

I love the "Retards" pic, so I stole it.

Desirea Madison said...

Cute picture. We love retards. They make great gossip and make us feel smarter. Cool observation in Westfield. We have Westfield in California too. I hear it's an Australian company.

Trundling Grunt said...

Ok, so I have stolen that picture.

I would welcome a little liquid rain as the solid form is very boring at the minute. I used to love the snow back home where it was a rarity and short-lived, but sadly the magic has gone from that here where it is inevitable and cold. Damn.

No idea how to stay logged in. It irks me too.