Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogworthy indeedy.

So I had plans for tonight. I had, for the first time EVER in my life. Asked a guy out. Asked an amazing, hot, sweet, fantastic guy out. Actually made plans for dinner, using the actual phrase 'go out' lots in the conversation.

And astoundingly he said yes!

So I've been so excited for the last few days. Its exhausting. Literally.

Today was the big day. All he had to do was tell me what time he would finish work and we'd arrange meeting place/time from there. But considering recent arrangements I've had, and my propensity for the scummy side of man, I had a nagging paranoia that he would call to tell me he couldn't make it, or even worse, he wouldn't call at all.

See I have the theory that if you dont have high expectations you cannot be let down. I can't imagine how crushed I'd be right now if I didn't have that theory.

He bailed.

I'd like to send personal thanks to SR for all of his help. I'd be a blubbering, drunken mess without all of his preparations. Thanks to him I don't have the capacity to hurt. Instead I feel anger. I'm now an angry, jilted drunken mess. Much better.


Me said...

WTF???? Why would he bail?

Now I'm pissed too.

mist1 said...

I am the best person to drink and shoe shop with in situations like this. Especially because most of my friends have hot younger (and yet legal) brothers. They can make you forget almost anything for a night. Or two.

phishez_rule said...

Me - "It is difficult with the hours". He finishes work later than me, at variable times, and he has to commute back into the city, an hour train trip. At least, thats my interpretation of it.

Mist - My first instinct was to call SR and have him come over and fuck my brains out. But I decided no.

Jana_no1 said...

You do not deserve treatment like that! I was hoping that it would be a great night, and the beginning of something. I hope he has a genuinely good reason for not showing.

Cazzie!!! said...

At least you got the guts to ask a guy out, some ladies would never do that. are just like me, I asked my other half out and look where we are now...married 11years and 4 kids later :)
Anyway, bugger him, he's missing out on you :)

Rhea said...

God, that stinks.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It seems that you have similar experiences with men as I have had with women. Don't let 'em get you down.

Thanks for the comments about Alex, the at who owns me. You remind me that I need to find someone to help me take pictures of his markings. For example, the black spots on his hind legs have never shown up in any pics that I have been able to take. Thanks, too, for the suggestions about a feeding routine.

Steph said...

AT least you had the balls to ask, and now you kinda know the lie of the land.

You need to speak to him and find out why he bailed. If the excuse is lame, cut your loses and move on.
Bigger and better men await!!

phishez_rule said...

Jana - I havent spoken to him yet. I will have to call him Monday to talk about work stuff. I'm not asking for another date though. If he wants it he'll have to make it happen.

Cazzie - Apparently I'm the last chickie in the world to learn how to ask a guy out

Rhea - worse than day old chook poo.

Nick - The cats will always be there for us when people let us down. And I hope the advice helps.

Steph - But I wanted THIS one! See my reply to Me as to why he bailed. Its kinda vague and everyone who read the message immediately goes 'oh', followed by a 3 second pause. It might be real, but it seemed like a blow off.

poody said...

He is a Rat Bastard and you so should be glad he bailed because he propbably has some funky ass venereal disease or worse yet a teenie weenie! Take yourself out on the town and be happy he bailed! I believe in the venacular it would be "Wanker" Am I right?A friend of mine once told me "If it has wheels or a penis it is nothing but trouble !"

Professor said...

He bailed? OMG I'm sooooo sorry! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} hunny!

phishez_rule said...

Poody - seems like yes, yes he is.

Prof - better to know now than later.