Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A day with the girls.

So I was having one of those 'will I or won't I blog it' moments yesterday. And I hadn't decided.

I sat down to blog at about 5:30. Still undecided. When I got a call from a very old, very gay friend from high school. Normal conversation took a very strange turn when he asked me to dinner. Turns out he was in Sydney. So I put on some shoes and sprayed myself liberally with deoderant, because I stunk and I hadn't had a shower yet, and headed for the door.

Note to self: on hot days. Wait for the air conditioned trains. Its worth it.

The train was so hot it sounded like pop rocks were going crazy on the roof. ICK. At least it wasn't that crowded. Going into the city in peak hour means you don't get sardine trains.

So we met up outside Circualr Quay. And we went down and conversed sitting down by the water, looking at the opera house. And I was told that his ex, who he had remained good mates with, had told him "I'll keep him [new boytoy] for the sex, and you for the red carpet appearances". Hi-larious. Especially to the random guy walking past.

And then we had dinner. At pancakes on the rocks. He's diabetic. Didn't think that through too well. And then wandered back towards the train. Taking some time out to sit on the point between the bridge and the house. Buggered if I know what its called. And as I was talking about the New Year fireworks, at the entrance to Sydney Harbour a cruise ship was coming in, welcomed by fireworks. I told Kez he should bloody appreciate all the oral favours I had to perform to get them for him.

And at about 9:30 we decided to catch the train, he going north, me going west. I didnt get home til about 10:30, and didnt even look at the back of my eyelids til about 11:45.

The perfect friend date.

I'm dead tired today and am ready for bed now. I need to be refreshed for tomorrow night. Will be very big and blogworthy. When I get up to posting it.


poody said...

Sorry you lost me at Pancakes on the rocks!I had a Homer Simpson moment just trying to imagine what the hell that could be!

phishez_rule said...

Its a restaurant that serves mostly pancakes and crepes.

I'd like to get lost at pancakes on the rocks too. Mmm.