Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vanilla Sex

I got to thinking today. I know. Its a bad thing for me to do. Especially when I've had a day like I did today.

If sex was a flavour, what would you be and why? I'm going with icecream flavours for ease.

I don't think I'd be vanilla sex. I never had the propensity for vanilla sex. Even when I was a virgin. Although vanilla sex can be mixed with almost any other kind of sex with great results.

I don't think I'd be strawberry sex either. Strawberry sex is everyday, mundane. Thats not me.

Chocolate sex, possibly. Aside from the obvious anal connotations. Chocolate sex is slightly risque. But not really experimentationally inclined. Not routine, but close to it.

Rum and Raisin sex. Definitely not. For me this invokes very adult and very dark, nasty NAASTY fucking. Full leather face masks and fisting type stuff. The kind of thing you see in german pornos. More for show than for pleasure.

Peppermint (maybe with chocolate chips). Hmm. Close. Its refreshing and slightly surprising whenever you have it. But its not something you would have everyday, because it would get boring. And chocolate chips can feel kinda funky in your mouth.

Mango. Very exotic. I wish it were true, but its not me. To me this one means beaches, and tans. Very smooth and sweet.

Boysenbery. Very much my favourite icecream flavour. But as far as sex goes. Way to innocent. We're talking calico pinafores and twin pigtails innocent.

Lemon Sorbet. (drool). Similar to peppermint, but a bit crisper, more easygoing. and a bit more open minded. And just as much not quite me.

Rocky Road. Bingo. We have a winner. This one is full of surpirises. You don't know if your going to get soft marshmallow, crunchy nuts, or sweet sweet cherries in your next mouthful. Or just end up with none of these and have just chocolate... for now. But you know that whatever you get, it will be fun.

Sexual frustration anybody?


Steph said...

Ohh errr! I'd have to be a rainbow swirl with choc chips.
I'm colourful and creamy with some hard bits too :P

I'm just fucking dying for a Magnum now!!

Happy New Year gorgeous!

nailpolishblues said...

Er, I now fancy some triple chocolate ice-cream but not at all up for sex. Moral: need for ice-cream is catching but sexual frustration isn't.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, I like the Choccolo flavour, yummo, with a cherry on top, lol.
was having a convo with my fellow nurse friends the other day at work and we said that vanilla is the scent that we love because it reminds us of our granny's cooking when we were small. Soooo, men like vanilla scent because they picture you as something they can EAT, PMSL!!!!!

Me said...

I don't consider myself "vanilla" when it comes to sex...however, that's what I get most often.

Oddly enough, vanilla is my husband's favorite flavor when it comes to ice cream...I like cookies 'n cream...what do you make of that? :)

mist1 said...

Ice cream is fattening and cold. Sex is not. I can't make the connection. I could go for either right now.

phishez_rule said...

Steph - Great description there! So you.

Nails - Triple chocolate. Like chocolate, but more adventurous.

Cazzie - I think men like any food type scent.

Me - very indulgent.

phishez_rule said...

Mist - if its good you'll end up all sticky.

Desirea Madison said...

I would be soft serve, because I like it soft and gentle.