Friday, January 05, 2007

"There are bugs in my room!"

Picture this. I'm asleep, as happens at night. Its the Thursday after New Years and I still haven't really caught up on my sleep. So I'm freaking well out of it. Almost (but not quite) to the drool stage.

All of a sudden I wake up. And I can see all of these things moving about above my bed. Completely oblivious to the fact that I can only see them moving in the light. The light shing in from the laundry. Which was off when I went to bed.

Fucking! My room is FULL of fucking mozzies. The nex thing I know (cuz I literally don't remember getting out of bed) I'm standing in front of the laundry door and my housemate is staring at me. I was just standing there looking at her. With the most blank 'the lights aren't on and there's nobody home' look on my face.

She asks me whats going on.

I mumble 'myrmfllbgs'.

Confused look.

'There are bugs in my room. My room is full of bugs'




'I'm goin back to bed.'

Turns out there were no bugs in my room. I have floaters in my eyes, and in the shaft of light that was coming through the cap in my door, it was all I could see.

My housemate thinks she lives with a crazy person.


Me said...

Stupid question...what are floaters??

mist1 said...

I see them too.

phishez_rule said...

Me - they're little things that float around in your eye. Completely normal. To tell if you have them look at a white wall, you'll see tiny things moving. They're somthing you don't see most of the time.

mist - you would.

Steph said...

I get that. Look up into the sky when it's clear and you'll freak yourself right out.

phishez_rule said...

Steph - try it when your drunk